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Roborock Will Be Launching H7 Cordless stick Vacuum on Roborock Live Show On The 18th of July, 2021

Roborock Will Be Launching H7 Cordless stick Vacuum on Roborock Live Show On The 18th of July, 2021 16

Roborock will also be introducing its latest cordless stick vacuum, the Roborock H7, during the Roborock Live Show. 

An event to thank local consumers for their support since the brand’s arrival on Malaysian shores, Roborock Live Show is a four-part livestream on its official Facebook page that will allow viewers to purchase selected Roborock products for more than 60% off during the one-hour livestream, including the all-new H7 and crowd favorites S7 and S6 MaxV

Roborock Live Show

The first installment of the Roborock Live Show will begin on 18 July, 3pm – 4pm with subsequent episodes airing at the same time on 25 July, 1 August and 8 August. During the livestreams, viewers will have the opportunity to purchase the H7 at just RM 1,388 (RRP RM 3,399). Not just that, the livestreams will be hosted by faces familiar to Malaysians, including actress and radio announcer Gan Mei Yan, actor Azrel Ismail and YouTuber Kate.

Roborock H7

Roborock H7

Roborock pioneered the industry by incorporating a LiPo battery into a cordless stick vacuum cleaner, making no compromises on suction power and convenience. The company continues to apply this technology in its new H7 model with added benefits to meet consumers’ needs for a lightweight design, more compact options, and effortless maintenance. As the second addition to Roborock’s line of cordless stick vacuums, the H7 retains the exceptional features of its predecessor, the Roborock H6, with new options for an improved cleaning experience.

Deeper and Long-lasting Cleaning

More suction, providing more powerful cleaning: An optimized 480W of power creates a maximum suction of 160AW reaching deeper into carpets, mattresses, sofas, tricky corners and car interiors.

Reduced charging time: The H7 battery can be fully charged in only 2.5 hours, a significant 37% reduction compared to its predecessor, the H6, allowing the user to resume cleaning sooner.

Long-lasting cleaning: Thanks to its LiPo Battery, which has been engineered for longer life, the H7 maintains an outstanding runtime for the industry, up to 90 minutes in eco mode, while at the same time, providing extended durability and overall lifespan. Certified to deliver consistent suction, it offers seamless, powerful cleaning from the beginning to the end of the cleaning cycle.

Cleaning meets Simplicity

Maintenance is less frequent and is more user-friendly: The H7 includes a larger capacity dustbin of 500 ml which requires less frequent emptying. As an additional benefit, the user has the option of using disposable dust bags, which have been included in the box and can help reduce dust spray, ideal for allergy sufferers or anyone wanting effortless bin emptying.

Customizable Clean: The H7 will feature the unique capability to convert to a mop as desired. With a quick attachment of the mop accessory (sold separately), users can easily switch the H7 into mopping mode.

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Roborock Will Be Launching H7 Cordless stick Vacuum on Roborock Live Show On The 18th of July, 2021 17

Maneuverability and convenience combined in an ultra-light body on the Roborock H7

At just 3.2 lbs, the model is easily transported around the house. The H7 also features a Magnetic Easy Store system (MagBase™) that allows you to collect all the accessories at once and store them compactly when cleaning is finished. The user can place it anywhere with complete peace of mind as there is a built-in Child Lock feature that prevents accidental use by children and pets.

Comprehensive features for a better cleaning experience

Using multiple cyclones plus HEPA filtration, the H7 captures 99.99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, including pollen and fungi. The user can additionally create quick suction as needed or lock suction on with the tap of the button. The practical OLED screen, which allows checking mode and battery life at just one glance, is also available.

Other Roborock products available at link below:

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