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Roborock Offers Up To 60% Off On 9.9 Sale

Roborock Offers Up To 60% Off On 9.9 Sale 7

Roborock announces up to 60% off its products during the brand’s 9.9 sale, including the newly launched Roborock S7 and H7. Also, now available for sale is the long-awaited Roborock Auto-Empty Dock! 

Roborock 9.9 Sale

With up to RM 2,000 off, this is one sale customers don’t want to miss out on! The deals are available via the brand’s official store on Shopee. You’ll want to grab your friends and family members for this one, because Roborock is offering a bundle deal for both the Roborock S7 and its latest handheld vacuum H7! Don’t want to go through the trouble of looking for someone to share the deal with? No worries, the products can also be bought on its own at discount price! The Roborock S7 will go for as low as just RM 2,099, while the H7 will be priced at just RM 2,099. 

ModelRRP9.9 Sale 
Bundle: Roborock S7 + H7RM 7,998RM 3,299
Roborock S6 MaxVRM 3,999RM 1,999
Roborock S7 RM 4,099RM 2,099
Roborock H7 RM 3,399RM 1,499

Roborock S7

The Roborock S7 is the brand’s latest addition to the company’s premium S-Series lineup. It is also the first Roborock vacuum to introduce Sonic Mopping, a variety of high-intensity vibrations that mimic scrubbing to easily disintegrate surface dirt and breaking up even the toughest, dried-on messes – leaving floors cleaner than ever. In addition to that, the VibraRise™ technology automatically lifts the mop when carpets are detected. This innovative feature made possible by Roborock’s new ultrasonic carpet recognition technology enables the S7 to mop hard floors and vacuum carpets in one, single cleaning session, without interruption.

Roborock 9.9 Sale

Roborock Intelligent Auto-Empty Dock 

Launched just last month, the auto-empty dock is compatible with selected Roborock robot vacuums, including the Roborock S7. Doubling as an auto-empty dock and charging base, it holds up to eight weeks of dust and debris, reducing the frequency of manual bin-emptying. Combined with a multi-stage filtration system that captures up to 99.99% of particles, this innovation will make robot vacuuming more convenient than ever before. 

Roborock H7 

The Roborock H7 is the second addition to Roborock’s line of cordless stick vacuums, the H7 retains the exceptional features of its predecessor, the Roborock H6, with new options for an improved cleaning experience. Roborock pioneered the industry by incorporating a LiPo battery into a cordless stick vacuum cleaner, making no compromises on suction power and convenience. The company continues to apply this technology in its new H7 model with added benefits to meet consumers’ needs for a lightweight design, more compact options, and effortless maintenance.

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Roborock Offers Up To 60% Off On 9.9 Sale 8
Roborock 9.9 Sale
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