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New PRISM+ Q Series Android TVs Launched In Malaysia; Prices Start From RM2,299

PRISM+ Q Series Android TVs

PRISM+ today launched the PRISM+ Q Series, which is the company’s new series of affordable Android Televisions (TVs) in Malaysia. Consumers can now get their hands on a premium 55” Android TV with Quantum Colors at just RM2,299, which is almost 25% off the current market price against TVs within the same range. The PRISM+ Q Series Android TVs will also include a 65” variant that will retail for RM2,999.

PRISM+ Q Series Android TVs

PRISM+ Q Series Android TVs

Home entertainment has become increasingly important as many consumers now spend most  of their time in the safety and comfort of their own homes, even while working. The PRISM+ Q  Series Android TVs cater to such consumers seeking to elevate their on-screen entertainment  at home but are reluctant to spend a premium sum on 4K TVs, be it to upgrade their current  TVs or as a new purchase. 

The PRISM+ Q Series Android TVs feature a sleek ZeroBezel design and 4K Ultra HD resolution with  Quantum Color backlight for best viewing and entertainment experience. They operate on the  official Android TV 10.0 Operating System with full access to the Google Play Store, giving consumers access to more than 5,000 compatible apps. Both models also support Chromecast, allowing users to cast high-quality content from their smartphones and laptops onto the TV with  ease.

PRISM+ Q Series Android TVs

Furthermore, with built-in Google Assistant, consumers can control the TV with just their  voice. Turning on the TV, switching channels and even controlling other smart devices in their  living room can be done by simply pressing a button and speaking.  

“With more time being spent at home,  many consumers look to level up their on-screen entertainment but are not willing to splurge on  Android TVs. As the availability of Android TVs has increased significantly, we can now offer  industry-standard Android TVs at a lower price point to cater to such consumers. We’re  committed to the objective of providing the highest standard of service and quality to  Malaysians”.Eric Kam, Country Director of PRISM+ Malaysia

Quantum Colors 

PRISM+ Q Series Android TVs

The PRISM+ Q Series Android TVs are upgraded with a breakthrough Quantum Color backlight that gives the TV even brighter, more vibrant, richer colors than others.

Android TV Operating System 

The Q Series Android TVs utilizes the Android Operating System, Android 10.0, developed by  Google to operate smoothly on TVs. Apps downloaded via the Google Play Store are  legitimate and are fully optimized to be used on the TVs. 

Google Play Store 

PRISM+ Q Series Android TVs

Consumers can easily access over 5,000 apps on the Google Play Store, including trending  and frequently used apps such as Netflix YouTube, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Twitch, Plex, HBO  Go, Airscreen, CNA, offering the most extensive number of apps of all TV play stores. In  addition, the Q Series Android TVs come preloaded with Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime,  which are officially certified to be able to stream 4K content, a feature rival TV brands might  not support.

Built-in Chromecast 

PRISM+ Q Series Android TVs

With a built-in Chromecast, consumers can now cast their preferred content from smartphones and laptops to the Android TV seamlessly without any additional device. As compared to standard screen mirroring, it does not suffer from loss of output resolution. It is supported by a wide variety of apps, such as Netflix, Youtube, Prime Video, Google Chrome, iFlix and more.  

To do so, the smartphone or laptop must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Android  TV. Once done, the user can open the app or browser with their preferred content and select  the Cast function and thereafter, the name of the Android TV. When the Cast function changes colour, the content has been successfully casted onto the Android TV. 

The Chromecast function also lets the PRISM+ Q Series Android TVs connect to other Google devices while on the same Wi-Fi network to be part of the entire Google smart home ecosystem. 

Google Assistant 

PRISM+ Q Series Android TVs

The Android TV can perform certain functions with commands from the user via the built-in  Google Assistant. For instance, it can play a video on Netflix or YouTube when the user verbally  instructs the Android TV to do so. This is ideal for seniors who are less digitally-savvy in terms of navigating the Android TV using the remote and for other consumers who regularly rely on voice assistants for their daily activities. 

To navigate the Android TV using the Google Assistant, the user just needs to press the Google Assistant button on the remote control. After that, the user can verbalize commands, such as “play Stranger Things on Netflix”, making the Android TV play Stranger Things on the built-in Netflix app. Users can also issue commands in Malay, English or Chinese language. 

PRISM+ Q Series Android TVs

Additionally, if the Android TV is part of a Google smart home ecosystem, users can use the  Google Assistant on their smartphones to control the Android TV to perform certain functions such as playing music on Spotify.

Pricing And Availability 

The PRISM+ Q Series Android TVs comes in two size variants – 55-inch and 65-inch – and are now exclusively available at PRISM+ official website here. Also, customers who share their PRISM+ TV setup on Facebook/Instagram, and tag @prismplusmalaysia on Instagram or Facebook, they will receive 3 months free VIU premium promo codes!

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New PRISM+ Q Series Android TVs Launched In Malaysia; Prices Start From RM2,299 9
Specs55” 65”
Price RM2,299 RM2,999
Resolution 4K UHD 4K UHD
Bezel-less Yes Yes
HDR10 Yes Yes
Quantum IPS Panel Yes Yes
Display Colors 1.07 billlion 1.07 billlion
Dolby Audio Yes Yes
DTS TruSurround Yes Yes
Digital TV Yes Yes
Bluetooth 5.0 5.0
Android TV OS 10.0 10.0
Google PlayStore Yes Yes
Inbuilt ChromeCast Yes Yes
Google Assistant Yes Yes
Warranty 2 Years Full Onsite
Next Business Day
Inclusive parts & servicing
2 Years Full Onsite
Next Business Day
Inclusive parts & servicing
PRISM+ Q Series Android TVs


PRISM+ Malaysia brings ease of purchase and efficient delivery by shipping out all PRISM+ Q Series Android TV orders directly from their centralized Petaling Jaya warehouse. For more information about the PRISM+ Q Series Android TVs, please visit this link here.

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