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What Is The Potential Of HONOR Moving Forward?

What Is The Potential Of HONOR Moving Forward? 16

HONOR originated in making a name for itself as the first few who designed their own chips. That gives them the upper hand, alongside industry expert that are professionals in designing customized hardware and software designs.

Today we are looking at an employee rate of above 50% whom are R&D professionals, stamping their devotion in developing groundbreaking technology across R&D centers and over 100 laboratories worldwide. Holding on to product innovation as their core value, HONOR is determined to invest heavily in further R&D capabilities to enhance its own portfolio of smartphones and other smart devices.

HONOR’s Potential

HONOR's Potential

While the aspiration to achieve the perfect balance of cutting-edge technology and superb user experiences remains the key focus, the idea to push the limit of the Android system and developing mobile devices collaborating with Qualcomm, Microsoft and Intel are what makes them special.

Developments namely for building platforms across 5G, AI, communications, image processing, software, and design has made them capable in pivotal technologies, with GPU Turbo, Link Turbo, multi-camera photography, and navigation now an increasing demand. Above all, HONOR have accumulated in-depth knowledge in camera technology to develop their own image signal processor, which continues to evolve in creating a unique experience for anticipating and loyal fans of HONOR worldwide. Now that’s a deep level of dedication.

In spite of all the sleepless efforts, HONOR still proceeds with efficiency, agility, and precision to stay ahead of product development. To prove, three iterations were worked simultaneously across one product series: one on the market, one upcoming, and one under initial development. This safeguards every smartphone that is under the birth of HONOR is subject to strict quality controls and required to pass over 400 product tests and over 20 global certification standards before launching.

HONOR's Potential

HONOR is delighted to implement this balanced, yet harmonious approach in technology, all in the name of achieving the perfect balance between cutting-edge technology and a superb user experience.  With a wealth of technology and innovation capabilities in their arsenal, this gives them the advantage to stay ahead in the competition, at the same time ensuring the best user experience in the market.

In truth, there are a lot for them to be proud of. They have the hands and brains to integrate systems for chip designs, specialists in the selection and optimization of multiple software and hardware, efforts in developing AI algorithms for pure imaging quality for better photo results, and a hardware design that reflects the deep understanding HONOR has in numerous scenarios, user experience, and internal resource management.

HONOR’s potential is something fans of tech enthusiasts should be excited about, as it continues to build into a heritage of premium product design. Their exploration and experiment into various types of products are ready to wow the world. This is the innovation that is reaching higher and higher potential. Get excited fans!

Check out HONOR Malaysia’s official website for more in-depth story

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What Is The Potential Of HONOR Moving Forward? 17
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