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Honkai Impact 3rd x Genshin Impact: Spectacular Crossover Includes Keqing, Fischl, New Weapons

Honkai Impact 3rd X Genshin Impact

The Honkai Impact 3rd X Genshin Impact collaboration has been long awaited, and developer and publisher, miHoYo, has finally officially announced the crossover event. What fans can expect to see is Genshin Impact character, Fischl, to make an appearance in Honkai Impact 3rd in v4.9 update, as the first archer with her very own story.

Honkai Impact 3rd x Genshin Impact

Honkai Impact 3rd is set in a modern world corrupted by the mysterious energy known as [Honkai]. Lead a fledgling resistance of [Valkyries], brave girls carrying anti-Honkai genome, against the spreading Honkai disaster to protect all that is beautiful in the world. Since late 2019, Honkai Impact 3rd has been made playable on PC with cross-platform play support everywhere, drawing more players to the acclaimed experience.

Genshin Impact, an open-world action-adventure game created by the same company, was released for multiple platforms worldwide simultaneously on September 28, 2020. Players will assume the role of a Traveler who treks through the vast magical land of Teyvat in search of their lost sibling. During their adventures, they will meet a diverse cast of characters, defeat enemies of epic proportions, and delve deeper into the mysteries of Genshin.

In the behind-the-scenes video for the Honkai Impact 3rd X Genshin Impact crossover released concurrently, the teams working on Honkai Impact 3rd and Genshin Impact will shed light on the backstory, the challenges during production, and the final presentation. In the video, the Genshin Impact team expresses their hope of promoting miHoYo’s quality content with this crossover, and the Honkai Impact 3rd team shares the toughest issue they faced was keeping Fisch’s identity while adapting her combat style.

Honkai Impact 3rd X Genshin Impact

Honkai Impact 3rd X Genshin Impact crossover fighter Fischl will be the first real archer in Honkai Impact 3rd. Unlike how she functions in Genshin Impact, her gameplay in Honkai Impact 3rd is built around weakspot aiming, which allows players to amp up the damage and hit feedback by aiming for the weakspots of enemies before firing. The team also updated the models, animations, and special effects of Oz to give Fischl a bigger presence and a unique charm.

Aside from Fischl, another popular character Keqing from Genshin Impact will also appear in the crossover story as the guide. She will be a special guest character that can be fully controlled in specific story battles on top of supporting players in the story. The crossover outfit for Theresa will be obtainable in-game.

The Honkai Impact 3rd X Genshin Impact crossover will be featured by v4.9 on iOS, Android, and PC, and more details will be revealed soon. For more news on Honkai Impact 3rd or this crossover, please visit our official site: or follow @HonkaiImpact3rd on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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Honkai Impact 3rd x Genshin Impact: Spectacular Crossover Includes Keqing, Fischl, New Weapons 7
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