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Claw Stars: FREE Claw Machine game with a Cute Twist

Claw Stars: FREE Claw Machine game with a Cute Twist 17

Claw Stars is a casual multiplayer game by Appxplore that offers a unique twist on the classic claw machine and combines active gameplay with collectible fun. Join forces with hyper-intelligent hamsters in spaceships and claw for riches left behind by civilizations past!

Claw Stars

Quick Intro on Claw Stars:

  • Rescue cute animals and obtain unique collectibles
  • Claw to win riches and mystery items
  • Raid your friends stash to add to your own
  • Build and restore planets with life
  • Deck out your spaceship and unlock costumes
  • Explore the vast, expanding universe

Our Take On Claw Stars

Claw Stars is a very cute and casual game for you if you are looking for a mobile game that doesn’t require much time commitment. It is a game where you can play on a 5 to 10 min tea break or even on toilet break.

Basically you will claw for coins, ore, animal and special equipment. The animals you get in from the claw game will be put in the habitat which you are able to earn hearts for other special items. You will also be given a home which you can further decorate later on.

Here’s some screenshot of the game:

On the side note, the chimp look-a-like animal with a phone in his hands definitely look like me.

Download links:

Android Play Store: 

Apple App Store: 

For more info:

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Claw Stars: FREE Claw Machine game with a Cute Twist 22


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