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Here’s Why The ASUS Chromebook CR1 Series Is Great For Both Students And Teachers

ASUS Chromebook CR1

The ASUS Chromebook CR1 is designed to be the rugged, student-centric study mate for teachers and students affected by the pandemic. No doubt, it is now harder for all of us to live a normal daily life, and this affects the education sector as students and teachers alike can’t have their classes at school.

When studying or teaching from home, it’s important that you have the right equipment, and a laptop would be the first point of contact when considering Study From Home (SFH) tools. That’s where the ASUS Chromebook CR1 comes in, and here are the reasons why we think it’s the best choice for students and teachers studying/teaching from home.

Military-Grade Toughness

ASUS Chromebook CR1

Students aren’t the only one with butter fingers, some teachers may have them too! That’s why to prevent any unwanted damage from accidents or mishaps, the ASUS Chromebook CR1 has gone through stringent durability tests to ensure it meets the military-grade MIL-STD-810g durability standards.

All four sides of the laptop has been lined with rubber bumpers to shield the laptop from drops (up to 1.2m) and impacts of physical shocks. There’s also a rubber bar on the base to give you more grip when carrying or handling the laptop, which in turn, prevents and reduces any risk of drops.

The keyboard on the ASUS Chromebook CR1 has been designed to be spill-resistant, so any amount of water or beverage splashed onto the keyboard can easily be wiped off. The keys are also tamper resistant as the gap between the edges of the keycaps have been reduced. This is to prevent anyone from prying the keys out.

ASUS Antibacterial Guard

ASUS Chromebook CR1

As the laptop is the most used device during learning/teaching sessions, it would be touched and handled a lot. This is why the ASUS Chromebook CR1 is coated with an Antibacterial Guard layer to ensure the laptop is free from viruses, bacteria, and unwanted germs lingering around. Not only that, the laptop is also has a durable 3D-textured finish to rid the laptop of scratches and fingerprint smudges.

World-Facing Camera

Interesting name, right? That’s because it is! The ASUS Chromebook CR1 has two cameras, which double the productivity. One of which is a standard webcam on the top of the display, while the other is a special world-facing camera that’s located on the bottom corner of the keyboard area. The world-facing camera is placed here to make the device easier to hold when used in portrait mode.

Easy Service And Maintenance

ASUS Chromebook CR1

ASUS understands downtime can be detrimental to your productivity, which is why they’ve made the ASUS Chromebook CR1 series easy to service. The laptop is built with a modular construction to allow key components like the keyboard, battery, thermal module, and even the motherboard to be replaced in just minutes. A quick swap out with the new parts, and the laptop is as good as new. IT staffs will find this extremely useful when servicing is required!

All Around View With 180° Lay-Flat Hinge

ASUS Chromebook CR1

No matter the assignment or task, you bet the ASUS Chromebook CR1 is up for it. You can flex the laptop’s display all the way back to use it in tablet mode, prop it up in tent mode to study or mark papers, or even for your online video classes. Not only that, you can flip it up to normal mode to finish up that last minute assignment or to prepare your student’s exam reports.

The ASUS Chromebook CR1 also comes with a stylus that’s built-in for improved convenience and productivity. With the stylus, not only can you draw, take notes, jot down ideas, you also have less chances of losing it as it has a designed slot to store the stylus within the laptop’s chassis.

The Power Of Google

ASUS Chromebook CR1

Being a Chromebook, the ASUS Chromebook CR1 series has the power of Google baked right in. Running on Chrome OS, just sign in with your Google account, and you’ll have access to all Google’s services. Not only will you get the usual Gmail, Drive, Doc, Sheets, Slides, and etc. You will also get the Google Assistant at the ready for whatever you need to search or help with. Just say “Hey Google” to get started, it’s super easy, really.

On top of that, each purchase of the ASUS Chromebook CR1 series comes with a complimentary 12-month access to 100GB membership of Google One. This membership quota is shared across Google Drive, Gmail, Google Photos, and also access to Google Experts. Pretty convenient, right?

WiFi 6 And 4G LTE Connectivity

ASUS Chromebook CR1

The ASUS Chromebook CR1 series ensures that both student and teachers are connected with the best network possible. Having dual-band Wi-Fi 6, 4G LTE2, and Bluetooth 5.0, you’ll stay connected to the network and your wireless devices without a hitch. In terms of physical connectivity, the laptop comes with USB-C, USB-A ports, as well as a microSD card reader to ensure students and teachers alike have easy access to their peripherals and storage devices.

Available ASUS Chromebook CR1 Models:


ASUS Chromebook CR1

The ASUS Chromebook CR1 (CR1100) series is made to enhance the overall learning experience both at home and in schools. Teachers and students will come to love the laptop for its durability with an all-round rubber bumper, spill-resistant keyboard and ultra tough hinge. During these trying times, they can also protect themselves with the ASUS Antibacterial Guard treatment, have faster connectivity with WiFi 6 and 4G LTE2 support, and eye-care display. This makes the CR1 one of the best choice for learning!

The great news is, you can now try out the ASUS Chromebook CR1 series before making your purchase just by submitting your registration of interest via this link here. For parents looking for a laptop for their child, you can submit your interest by clicking on “For Parents/Guardians”, while school management members can undertake the free trial program by selecting “For School’s Management”. This allows the appropriate sales representative to reach out to you.

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Here's Why The ASUS Chromebook CR1 Series Is Great For Both Students And Teachers 11
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