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Top 10 Reasons Why The ASUS BR1100 Is Great For Primary Schoolers Studying From Home

Asus BR1100 Series

Meet the ASUS BR1100 series laptop for education. We know working from home can be a tad bit troublesome, but it can also be pretty daunting to study from home. If your child is in need of a new laptop for education, why not consider the ASUS BR1100. It’s packed with features to make the whole study from home experience a more pleasant one for your little ones. Not to mention, it comes in two different form factors to better suit your children’s lifestyle.

1. US Military-Grade Durability


Kids can be a little clumsy at times (parents too, actually), and sometimes, things get dropped which doesn’t exclude laptops. Good thing the ASUS BR1100 is built to military-grade standards (MIL-STD 810H) to withstand the everyday knocks of life. These laptops mean serious business as they’ve been torture-tested to pass the most stringent of ASUS’ quality tests, ensuring they can withstand drops of up to 120cm. That’s the standard desk height, so it’d definitely survive the fall.

2. All-round Rubber Bumper


To add further protection to the laptop, and its Military-grade standards, it features an all-round rubber design. All four sides of the exterior edges and corners have tough rubber bumpers which work to reduce impact of physical shocks. This also helps to keep the internal hardware of the laptop safe and unharmed.

3. Spill-Resistant Keyboard


Kids need their snacks, right? And sometimes, they might spill a drink, or drop some crumbs on the desk, where the laptop might be. Thankfully, the ASUS BR1100 does have a spill-resistant keyboard that can handle liquid spills of up to 330cc. Minor splashes? No problem, as they can easily be cleaned, wiped, and dried.

4. AI Noise-Canceling Technology


Being at home all the time, it can get a bit noisy. But with classes held online, it’s not only important for the student to hear the teacher, but for the student to be heard clearly as well. The ASUS BR1100 has the company’s signature AI noise-canceling technology, which helps tune out background noise, and focus solely on your child’s voice. This ensures they’re heard clearly, no matter the “classroom” they’re in.

Top 10 Reasons Why The ASUS BR1100 Is Great For Primary Schoolers Studying From Home 9

5. Noise-Reducing Camera


Not only should your kids be heard, they should also be seen clearly, which is why the ASUS BR1100 comes with a camera that has 3D noise-reduction (3DNR) technology which effectively eliminates up to 94% of background noise. That translates to crystal clear videos in the day, and noise-free videos in dimly-lit environments.

6. Webcam Privacy Shield


Privacy is crucial in today’s online world, and it’s important to keep your child safe offline and online. With the Webcam Privacy Shield feature on the ASUS BR1100, you can simply slide the physical cover over the webcam to ensure instant privacy when the webcam is not in use. Simple, effective, and it works everytime.

7. Handy Built-In Stylus


Taking down notes during classes, or maybe doodling something for art class, is all part of a child’s everyday class. The precision stylus on the laptop is built right in with a dedicated slot so your child never loses it, as long as they remember to put it back.

It supports up to 4,096 levels of pressure, making the experience close to writing, or drawing with pen and paper. The quick charge feature also allows 45 minutes of additional usage with just a 15 second charge. A quick charge during lunch time means they’re ready to go for the next class!

8. ASUS BacGuard Protection


Laptop surfaces are prone to collecting thousands of potentially harmful bacteria, and ASUS has given it a thought and added the ASUS BacGuard protection on the BR1100. This keeps all the keyboard, trackpad, and even the palm rest clean, and clear of pathogen and bacteria. It’s also able to withstand alcohol-based cleaning products, so you can sanitize it without worrying about thinning or removing the BacGuard’s protective layer.

9. 360-Degree Versatility


Studying from home means you can study from anywhere, and the ASUS BR1100 adapts to that flexibility with its own 360-degree versatility. Switch between normal clamshell mode, to pop-up, tent, or even tablet mode with the firm hinge it has. However your child wishes to study, it’s entirely up to them, as long as they are paying attention to what the teacher’s teaching, of course.

10. Easy Maintenance


The best part about the ASUS BR1100 is the fact that it has a modular design, which calls for easy maintenance. Repair costs would be kept at a minimum for schools, parents, and students alike. Servicing would be a breeze, and downtime would be kept minimal so your child can get back to studying in no time.

Every part from the keyboard, the I/O ports, thermal module, and battery can easily be removed using simple everyday tools you’d have in the toolbox. More importantly, the bottom part is secured with captive screws, so you don’t have to worry about losing the screws, and needing to frantically find them.

The ASUS BR1100 checks all your boxes for your child? Want to try one out for yourself? ASUS Malaysia launched their trial/demo program for the Asus BR1100F, and you can sign up simple using this link right here.

ASUS BR1100 Series Models

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