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Acer Launches Acerpure Cool (C2) And Acerpure Pro (P2); Price At RM1,299 And RM1,099 respectively

Acer Launches Acerpure Cool (C2) And Acerpure Pro (P2); Price At RM1,299 And RM1,099 respectively 12

Acer unveiled its latest acerpure series that allows users to offer the gift of ‘clean air’ for family, friends and at the office. The new aperture cool (C2) and acerpure pro (P2) are equipped with four-layer protection that effectively isolate fur,  dust, PM1.0 particles, eliminate allergens, bacteria, coronavirus (229E) and Influenza A (H1N1) actively. 

Acerpure Cool (C2) And Acerpure Pro (P2)

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To deliver high-efficiency purification, the new acerpure cool (C2) and acerpure pro (P2) come with 4-in-1  HEPA filters. The pre-filter in the first layer isolates fur, dust and dander; HEPA Plus+ filter in the second  layer eliminates 99% of airborne bacteria and is effective against coronavirus (229E) and Influenza A  (H1N1); HEPA 13 filter in third layer removes PM2.5 and PM1.0 particles that can cause allergies; and the  activated carbon filter in the fourth layer eliminates formaldehyde, gasses and odours. 

Both air-purifiers come with four purifier speeds. Via the control panel, users can set the purifier to smart mode to purify the air according to the air quality condition. Equipped with smart sensors, it can detect odours, PM2.5 and PM1.0 particles actively while the intuitive LCD display delivers real-time air quality data to users. 

Acer Launches Acerpure Cool (C2) And Acerpure Pro (P2); Price At RM1,299 And RM1,099 respectively 13

acerpure cool (C2) and acerpure pro (P2) are able to fill the house with high concentration of negative ions  to capture ultrafine dust and PM1.0 particles. This can be pre-scheduled or performed even when users  are not home thanks to the acerpure Life smart app. The brand-new app also detects indoor air quality and  sends notifications of indoor and outdoor air quality automatically to users’ smartphones. 

The United States Centers of Disease Control and Prevention recommends better indoor environment by  increasing circulation of fresh, outdoor air and/or improving ventilation and air filtration to prevent the  spread of viruses. To enhance the air circulation, the new acerpure cool (C2) comes with 10-speed setting  that allows users to choose the speed best suits them and deliver filtered, fresh air around their home  without an additional device. 

The new series of acerpure is equipped high-performance DC motor that is energy efficient. It is also quieter; these acerpure operate as low as 25dB which is lower than the average library sound at 40dB.  Available immediately at select Acer official online stores (table 1), the new acerpure cool (C2) air-purifier  and air circulator retails at RM1,599 while the acerpure pro (P2) air-purifier retails at RM1,299.  

Acer Launches Acerpure Cool (C2) And Acerpure Pro (P2); Price At RM1,299 And RM1,099 respectively 14

In conjunction with the festive season and the arrival of the new acerpure series, Acer Malaysia is holding  an exclusive launch promotion from 7 until 14 December 2021. During the promotion, acerpure cool (C2)  and acerpure pro (P2) are available at RM1,299 and RM1,099 respectively. On top of that, customers are  also entitled to bring home an acerpure cozy worth RM599 and purchase-with-purchase (PWP) HEPA filters at RM99.  

At the same time, purchasers of the acerpure cool’s predecessor will be entitled to RM400 off discounted price, at RM899, and PWP of HEPA filter at RM99. While its sibling acerpure cozy air-circulator comes with  RM250 off, priced at RM349 and is shipped with a complimentary Acer umbrella. The acerpure cozy comes  with 12 fan speed settings that can deliver airflow up to 15 metres with 90º up/down and 95º left/right  oscillating direction adjustment.  

For more information, please visit Acer Malaysia’s Facebook @MyAcer or call Acer’s Product Infoline at  1800-88-1288 (9am – 6pm, Mondays to Fridays), or email [email protected]

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Acer Launches Acerpure Cool (C2) And Acerpure Pro (P2); Price At RM1,299 And RM1,099 respectively 15
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