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WhatsApp Adds Fact Checking Feature for Forwarded Messages

WhatsApp Adds Fact Checking Feature for Forwarded Messages 5

It’s widely known these days that WhatsApp is at times being used to spread false information, especially regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Well, the company is currently piloting a new feature for its app which enables users to quickly verify forwarded messages through the web.

New WhatsApp Fact Checking Feature


The new fact checking feature on WhatsApp will be rolling out starting today for users (currently only available in select countries). For those who have received it, forwarded messages (which have been through a chain of five or more people) will be accompanied by a magnifying glass icon. Users can then click this icon, which will prompt the app the verify the said information through web search.

It may be likely that this feature will be rolled out to all users should the pilot test be deemed as successful. Those aside, we’d like to advice our dear beloved readers to always, always double check facts before forwarding them to family members and friends. The spread of misinformation can have disastrous outcomes, especially when it concerns public health and safety. So, it’s up to all of us, as individuals, to ensure only the right information is being conveyed.

(Source: WhatsApp)

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