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What’s New With Apple’s iPadOS 14?

Apple iPadOS 14

Apple also unveiled the iPadOS 14, where the new designs and enhancements made for the Apple iPad will take advantage of the iPad’s large, multitouch display. Apple has extended the design language of the the iPad to enable things to be more streamlined and more powerful, and most of the features are carried over from iOS 14.

Apple iPadOS 14

iPadOS 14

So, what’s new? The redesigned widgets introduced on the iOS 14 are coming to the iPad too. You get the same widget treatment and you can place them anywhere on your homescreen, capable of choosing the size and placement.


iPadOS 14 photos

The Photos app now also gets a new sidebar, which looks a lot like the sidebar in Photos for Mac. There are now new toolbars and a drag and drop functionality that expands across multiple Apple’s standard iPad apps.


iPadOS 14 music

When it comes to music, the music app is now redesigned to have a full-screen music player, with rich album art and lyrics all in one view. There’s also a new Listen Now page that lets you explore new music, playlists, albums, and more.

Compact Siri UI

iPadOS 14 compact siri ui

Also, the compact Siri UI from iOS 14 will also be coming over to the iPadOS. That means iPads will now have notifications like incoming calls become smaller. Siri actions will now come in notification format, instead of a full-screen takeover. Phone calls from your iPhone will also be notified on your iPad via notifications.


iPadOS 14 search

Search on the iPad has also been redesigned to be universal. Search now works as an app launcher, it can even make calls, and search within apps like Mail and Files app. Simply put, it’s Spotlight from the Mac, basically.


iPadOS 14 scribble handwriting

Apple also announced that Handwriting on the iPad will be as powerful as typed text. The “Scribble” feature will be coming to the iPad and it basically lets you hand-write in any text-field and it will then be automatically converted into text. When it comes to shapes, just draw them and no matter how irregular they are, they’ll automatically transform into standard shapes.

When you double tap on written text, you can select and copy it, change it, and move it around, and etc. Scribble is capable of recognizing both English and Chinese for now, and it can also use data detectors to detect phone numbers and addresses.

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What's New With Apple's iPadOS 14? 5
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