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Let Batman And The Riddler Guide You On The Road In Waze

Waze Batman Riddler

Waze x Batman, you rea that right. Navigation company brought in the help of Batman and The Riddler to give you directions. Not only that, there are also accompanying Moods, Car icons, and also the choice to use Riddler-themed antics if you’re more of anti-hero person.

Waze x Batman + The Riddler

Waze x Batman

This is a limited time thing, so you have from now to 31st October 2020 to enjoy it. First, you have to make sure your Waze app is updated to the latest version from the App Store or Play Store. Once that’s done, you’ll find the “Drive with Batman” option, together with the iconic Batman logo. Tap on it, and you’ll get to choose between three different options to make your drive immersed into the DC-verse.

Voice directions

Waze x Batman

For voice guidance, you can choose to have Batman or The Riddler guide you on the road. Batman is voiced by Kevin Conroy, the same man who voiced Batman in Batman Beyond, Injustice 2, Batman: The Killing Joke, and the Batman Arkham franchise. As for the Riddler, he is voiced by Wally Wingert, the same voice actor from the Batman Arkham game franchise.

Car Icons

Waze x Batman

For the Batman or Riddler-themed car icons, click on “Map Display” and choose “Car Icon”. There, you’ll be able to change your car into Batman’s Batmobile or The Riddler’s Racer. Sweet, ride? (See what I did there)


Waze x Batman

“By partnering with Waze on this innovative interactive program, we are giving fans the opportunity to get behind the wheel of their own reimaged Batmobile as the iconic DC Super Hero Batman who is known for having incredible gadgets and the coolest vehicles,” 

Robert Oberschelp, Senior Vice President, Global Brand product, Warner Bros. Consumer Products.

On top of all that, there are also two new special mood icons to maintain with the same theme. You can change them in your profile in the “My Waze” section, under “Mood”. Once you’ve chosen to be a hero or a villain, your icon will change, your car will be swapped, and you’ll be able to hear Batman/Riddler speak to you. Well, sort of.

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