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Samsung Jet 70 Easy Vacuum Cleaner + Clean Station Review: It Sucks Real Good

Samsung Jet 70 Easy

The Samsung Jet 70 Easy vacuum cleaner and clean station arrived at our doorsteps three weeks ago. I have this weird interest in vacuum cleaners, so when I was offered the chance to review the cordless Jet 70, I knew I had to say yes.

Much like the Dyson vacuum cleaners, the Jet 70 Easy is cordless but has a couple of tricks up its sleeve. While I’ve never reviewed any Dyson vacuum cleaners before, there won’t be a comparison so this review is solely on the Samsung Jet 70 Easy vacuum cleaner and Clean Station themselves.

Samsung Jet 70 Easy – Specifications

Samsung Jet 70 Easy
EZClean BinYes
HEPA FilterYes, 5-layer
ControlMax, Mid, Min
Brush WindowYes
Multi-surface CleaningYes
Dust Capacity0.8L
Brush TypeSoft Action Brush
Running TimeMin – 5min
Mid – 20min
Max – 40min
Misc.Removable Battery
2-in-1 Charging
Lightweight Design


Samsung Jet 70 Easy

The Samsung Jet 70 Easy vacuum cleaner is well designed with the user’s convenience in mind. Not only does the vacuum cleaner come with a display, reusable filters, and a large bin capacity, it also comes with great accessories for cleaning all those nook and crannies.

The display shows you what mode you’re running on, and it can even tell you if your brush is stuck or has an issue.

Samsung Jet 70 Easy

The grip on the vacuum cleaner is also comfortable to hold and it feels really natural in the hand. The battery pack can also be removed for easier charging. With the 2-in-1 charging station, you can either mount it on a wall, or plug it in anywhere to charge your batteries.

That being said, the only thing bringing the vacuum cleaner is its weight. Despite the company claiming the Jet 70 Easy has a lightweight design, it is actually really heavy and my hands would get sore after cleaning for a while.

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Samsung Jet 70 Easy Vacuum Cleaner + Clean Station Review: It Sucks Real Good 14


Samsung Jet 70 Easy

The Samsung Jet 70 Easy actually sucks really well, literally. It has Samsung’s proprietary Jet Cyclone motor that performs a lot better than the Airbot iRoom vacuum cleaner (17kPa) I currently have at home.

There’s not one bit of dirt it can’t remove from the floor. When it’s on Max setting, it feels like it’s peeling off even the most stubborn of dirt from the floor. It even handles the small, narrow gutters from sliding doors with no problems. But that being said, the strong suction force actually adds to the weight of the vacuum. Because of its strong suction power, it’s harder to push the vacuum cleaner, making it seem like the vacuum is heavier.

Samsung Jet 70 Easy

On Min setting, it’s great for sucking up all the cat fur and small dirt from my floor. The only thing I didn’t like was that the motorized soft action brush could only work in a forward moving action. So if the brush passes an area and didn’t pick up the dirt, you’d have to lift the vacuum and go back and you can’t just slide it back.

The addition of a 5-layer HEPA filter also further enhances the trapping of dust within the dustbin. It is also great that the dustbin is completely washable, which makes it easier for long-term maintenance.

User Experience

Samsung Jet 70 Easy

For the overall user experience, we break it down into how a guy and a girl sees the Samsung VS70 vacuum cleaner from different aspects. Me and my wife will be doing this test together. We may not represent the entire respective gender’s population, but it may serve as a good reference.

AspectWhat He ThinksWhat She Thinks
Weight– Slightly heavy– Too heavy
Suction– Great
– Can be hard to use on uneven surfaces.
– Fair
– Fur on sofa can’t be sucked up
Noise– Vacuum cleaner a little too loud.
– Clean Station is way too loud.
– Vacuum Cleaner noise is acceptable.
– Clean Station noise is too loud.
Maneuverability– Motorizes brush is a little stiff, needs both hands to maneuver.– Alright, but hard to reach edges.
Ease of Use– Easy to use– Easy to use
Accessories– Competent– Competent
Charging– Convenient
– Fast
– Troublesome, because battery pack needs to be removed.
Overall Score8/106/10


Apart from the motorized soft action brush, the Samsung Jet 70 Easy Vacuum Cleaner also comes with two additional brushes – a brush nozzle, and a crevice cleaner. Both of them work well as intended, however, the nozzle brush does tend to get hair stuck instead of sucking it all the way into the vacuum cleaner itself.

Clean Station

Samsung Jet 70 Easy Clean Station

The Clean Station is paired with the Samsung Jet 70 Easy Vacuum Cleaner for better cleaning and retention of dust particles. This allows for less dust particles to go back into the air or floor, by sucking it into a dedicated vacuum bag.

Samsung Jet 70 Easy Clean Station

All you need to do is remove the dustbin, slot it into the Clean Station, and press “Start”. While it does suck out 95% of the dirt you’ve vacuumed, there can still be some dirt caught in the tight corners of the dustbin. Of course, this is way better than opening the dustbin and clearing it out in mid air.

The Clean Station can also get really loud when it’s operating. So you might not want to use it at night, if you don’t want to disturb your neighbours.

Battery Life

Samsung Jet 70 Easy battery

Samsung Jet 70 Easy Vacuum Cleaner can run for 40 minutes on minimum settings, and 15 minutes on max setting during our test. Charging it from zero to full takes about 3 hours, which is alright because you can use that time to rest before your next cleaning session.

Samsung Jet 70 Easy brush head

If you have a big house, don’t expect to clean the entire house with one charge. You’ll probably need to segregate the cleaning over a few sessions, unless you quickly vacuum over every inch of the house.


Samsung Jet 70 Easy

The Samsung Jet 70 Vacuum Cleaner works great with the Clean Station. Because it is cordless, your battery life may be limited, but you’re still getting great suction performance and ease of use. Depending on who’s doing the cleaning, the experience may be vary, but it’s still a great vacuum cleaner nonetheless.

Comparing it to cheaper models from other brands, you have better features and assurance of a better after sales and warranty service from Samsung. If we were to compare it with Dyson vacuum cleaners in terms of price, the Samsung Jet 70 Easy is definitely more affordable for the same form factor (and not performance cause we haven’t reviewed any Dyson vacuums).

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Samsung Jet 70 Easy Vacuum Cleaner + Clean Station Review: It Sucks Real Good 14
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Chief Content Developer at The AXO

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