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ROG Delta S Headphone Review: Delicious MQA Audio With RGB Goodness

Asus ROG Delta S Gaming Headphone Review

The ASUS ROG Delta S is the latest follow-up, a successor to the original ROG Delta gaming headphones. With the rapid expansion of the gaming industry, ROG is constantly pushing the limits of making a great pair of gaming headphones. When were offered the chance to review one of these bad boys, how could we say no? Before we dive into the review, let’s quickly go through some specs.

ROG Delta S – Specifications

Asus ROG Delta S Gaming Headphone Review
ModelROG Delta SROG DeltaROG Delta Core
USB 2.0*
USB 2.0*
DACHi-fi ESS 9281 Quad DACHi-fi ESS 9218 Quad DACn/a
ASUS AI microphoneYn/an/a
Microphone driver6 mm4 mm4 mm
Airtight chamberYYY
Next-gen ASUS Essence driverYYY
RGB lightingYYn/a
Microphone indicatorYYn/a
Ergonomic D-shape ear cushionYYY
Instant controlVolume adjustment
Mic mute
RGB on/off/soundwave light mode
Volume adjustment
Mic mute
RGB on/off
Volume adjustment
Mic mute

What’s In The Box?

Asus ROG Delta S Gaming Headphone Review
  • ROG Delta S
  • Detachable Microphone
  • User Guide
  • ROG Hybrid Ear Cushion
  • USB Type-C to USB Type-A 2.0 Cable


Asus ROG Delta S Gaming Headphone Review

At first glance, the ROG Delta S may look a lot like the original Delta, but don’t be fooled. Take a closer look, and you will notice that there are several cosmetic changes here and there. The headphone now has a matte black finish all around the headphone. The overall headband and hinge is smaller, and has a more refined matte finish to it. The slider is smaller, but it still uses a piece of metal and notches to fine-tune the adjustments.

Asus ROG Delta S Gaming Headphone Review

The default earpads now have a textured geometric design to it, and there’s a lighter foam based earpad included in the packaging too. Overall, the headphone is a lot lighter compared to the original Delta, and it feels a lot less clunky too, which is a great improvement.

The headphone itself still features a non-detachable braided cable, but it is still prone to fraying after longer use. The mic is still removable, but has a larger mouthpiece this time around.

RGB Lighting

Asus ROG Delta S Gaming Headphone Review

The ROG Delta S strikes the perfect aesthetical balance between “vanilla” and “gamer”. It has the elegant look of a traditional pair of headphones, but is spiced up with that RGB twist that isn’t too much that it drowns the headphones in it.

The RGB is still bright and vivid, but it isn’t glaring as the original Delta. It seems Asus has found a way to control the light spill on the edges of the earcups. Though many of you will say “you can’t see the RGB when you’re wearing the headphones”, but when you take them off, they do make a nice cosmetic piece on your gaming desk setup.


Asus ROG Delta S Gaming Headphone Review

The ROG Delta S is one of the most comfortable gaming headphones I’ve ever worn. As I have both the original Delta and the Delta S, the Delta S is a huge leap when it comes to comfort. The headband has more flex, the headphone is way lighter, and it has a smaller footprint which makes it easier to hold.

Even after wearing them for prolonged use, I’ve never experienced any fatigue whatsoever. They stay on my head as intended, with little leeway for some headbanging too during those music sessions. Because the headphones are smaller, when you place them on your neck, they don’t intrude into your face that much, which is a big plus point.

User Experience

Asus ROG Delta S Gaming Headphone Review

The ROG Delta S uses a USB Type-C connection, but if your laptop or desktop doesn’t have a USB Type-C port, you can always use the USB-C to USB-A 2.0 adapter that’s included in the packaging.

Setting it up is easy, just unbox it, plug it in, and you’re ready to go. It works great right out of the box, and I’ve had no issues with audio playback whatsoever. But to further enhance your experience, you can always tweak it to your liking using the ROG Armoury Crate software.

With Armoury Crate, you can perform firmware updates, tweak the EQ settings, AI noise cancellation settings, RGB lighting profiles, and more. There’s a diverse option of enhancements you can make with Armoury Crate, so be sure to check it out if you do end up purchasing the Delta S.


Asus ROG Delta S Gaming Headphone Review

Control wise, the ROG Delta S has all its controls placed on the left earcup with nothing else on the right earcups. It has the same control layout as the original Delta, with the volume adjustment on the bottom, and the lighting controls above it. Mic mute can still be toggled by pressing the middle of the volume control.

Asus ROG Delta S Gaming Headphone Review

The only thing new is the soundwave light mode which can be accessed within the lighting controls, right above the RGB on and off switches. Soundwave light mode is an interactive lighting mode for the headphones where the RGB lights would blink and react to your voice that is picked up on the microphone.

Audio Quality

Asus ROG Delta S Gaming Headphone Review

The ROG Delta S has an improved Hi-fi ESS 9281 Quad DAC and it is MQA-enabled. MQA stands for Master Quality Authenticated audio, and it basically offers lossless audio in a smaller file. Music streaming services that offer MQA audio include Tidal, and do note that Spotify doesn’t offer hi-res streaming as of yet. So if you are subscribed to Tidal, then you’re in for a real treat with their “Master” tracks.

The drivers on the ROG Delta S feature a wide frequency response of 20 to 40KHz to deliver clearer audio, and it uses hyper-grounding technology to prevent electromagnetic interference, which leaves you with noise-free audio.

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ROG Delta S Headphone Review: Delicious MQA Audio With RGB Goodness 11
Asus ROG Delta S Gaming Headphone Review

During our test with music playback, the ROG Delta S performed excellently with acoustics, instrumental and rock tracks where the highs were bright, and the mids delivered great vocal range. The soundstage is amazing, and frequencies are well isolated. However, when it comes to bass, the lows are a little lacking, which may not be satisfactory for hardcore EDM listeners.

Gaming wise, the ROG Delta S does a fantastic job of providing extremely clear detail to let you be aware of everything that is happening in-game. When gaming, the immersive levels of audio are boosted, and it makes it feel like you’re in the game itself. Not only can you hear every step, you can even determine where the sound is coming from, surrounding you so you’d know where to look and aim.

Call Quality

Asus ROG Delta S Gaming Headphone Review

The ROG Delta S has a larger 6mm microphone driver, compared to the 4mm driver on the original Delta. It is also Discord and Teamspeak certified, so they work best on those platforms during your gaming sessions. The microphone is also engineered with AI noise cancellation, and it works great at removing mouse clicks, keyboard presses, and unwanted environmental noise. This is great so your team members only hear your voice and nothing else.

The mic is unidirectional, and of course, detachable when you don’t need it. The boom of the mic also has an indicator light which flashes red when it’s on mute, that way you’re always aware of your mic status.

During our testing, my gaming team members have complimented that my microphone picks up no other noise except for my voice. Even if i was frantically spamming my QWE and 1234 keys in Genshin Impact, all they could hear was “Give me primogems.”


Asus ROG Delta S Gaming Headphone Review

The ROG Delta S is definitely a step up from the original Delta. Although it may not look like it changed much on the exterior, the headphones are actually a tad bit smaller, lighter, but still retains the essence of an ROG Delta gaming headphone. The audio quality may lack some bass, but you can still boost it a little in Armoury Crate.

Apart from that, you still get all that RGB goodness with an improved microphone. For ROG’s asking price of RM1,099 for the ROG Delta S, it’s a worthy investment that will grace your ears and your gaming station for years to come.

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