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realme watch s: Competitive priced Smartwatch for Essential Features

realme watch s: Competitive priced Smartwatch for Essential Features 19

The realme watch S was just launch recently during realme’s AIOT product launch. After having it for a few weeks, we are ready to let you guys know what’s our thoughts on the realme watch S. On the first impression, the price tag is quite impressive by being priced at RM 369 which is under the RM400 bar.

realme watch s: Competitive priced Smartwatch for Essential Features 20

realme Watch S – Specifications

AppearanceColor: Black
Size: 259.5*47.0*12.0mm
Weight: 48g
Wrist strapType: Removable wrist strap
Width: 23mm
Adjustable length: 164-208mm
ScreenScreen size: 3.3cm(1.3”)
Resolution: 360*360, 278 PPIFull screen touch
Battery life:15 days (heart rate monitor on)
Battery life on Power Saving Mode:20 Days
Sensor3-axis accelerometer
Heart rate sensor
Rotor Vibration motor
IP68(1.5m) Water Resistance Rating
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0
realme Link APPAndroid 5.0+
Health monitorAutomated Heart Rate Measurement,
24-hour Real-time Heart Rate,
Resting Heart Rate,
Exercise Heart Rate,
Heart Rate Alert,
Blood Oxygen Measurement,
Sleep Detection,
Steps Throughout the Day,
Water Reminder,
Sedentary Reminder,
Activity Records

What’s in the box

  • realme watch S
  • Charging Dock (Not so much a dock, but more like a cable)
  • Charging Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Safety Information
  • Warranty Card

realme Watch S Design

realme Watch S dial face

The realme Watch S comes with a 3.3cm touchscreen display. Wraping the sides of the screen is a bezel with dial numbers on it that works with classic watch faces available for download. The watch body is made of aluminum alloy to keep it sturdy and yet lightweight. The watch has two dial buttons on the right for designated shortcuts.

realme watch s charging

The sensors are placed on the bottom of the watch piece along with magnetic charging nodes. You can just pop it on the magnetic charging port given to charge. With this, charging is simplified rather than needing to plug any cables to the watch body to charge.

realme watch s strap

As for the watch strap, it is made out of skin-friendly silicone which is comfortable to wear for long hours. The strap is easily interchangeable just by unlocking it with the latch placed behind the watch body. However, we did notice that it is easy to leave sweat stains on the watch strap. The watch strap has a free loop that enables you to lock the strap end in place while wearing it to prevent strap ends flinging around.


realme watch s: Competitive priced Smartwatch for Essential Features 21

When it comes to comfort, the watch size is quite big if your wrist are small. It is more suitable for people with bigger wrist. However, the dial buttons are quite pointed out and it could be uncomfortable as it frictions against the back of your hand.

Due to its size, it is suitable for daily wear but not comfortable if you want to wear it to sleep for the sleep monitoring feature. The top button allows you to access the full feature menu and as a back button. While the bottom button act as a quick shortcut for fitness tracking menu.

With the IP68 water resistant rating, you can wear the watch to shower without worrying. However, it is not recommended to bring it for a swim or to go underwater.


realme watch s app link

The watch S supports watch faces that are available to be downloaded via the realme link app. Apart from the readily available watch faces, realme will be updating the store with more cool dials via OTA on a later date.

realme watch s: Competitive priced Smartwatch for Essential Features 22

From classic watch dials to functional watch dials, watch faces are easily changeable via connecting to your phone’s realme link app to match your mood or outfit. The only downside is that you are only able to change the watch face via the app and not on the watch itself.

The realme watch S supports auto brightness feature which will automatically adjust the brightness of the display so that you can read the display in the day and does not hurt your eye while looking at it in the dark.


realme watch s: Competitive priced Smartwatch for Essential Features 23
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Blood Oxygen Measurement
  • Water Reminder
  • Music Control
  • Camera Control
  • Find Phone
  • Meditation Timer
  • Stopwatch
  • Clock
  • Weather Forecast
  • Automatic Motion Recognition (Running/Walking)
  • Call Notification and Call Rejection
  • Message Notification
  • Alarm Reminder

Supported Sport Monitoring

realme watch s: Competitive priced Smartwatch for Essential Features 24
  • Outdoor Run/ Walk
  • Indoor/Outdoor Run
  • Indoor/Outdoor Cycle
  • Aerobic Capacity
  • Strength Straining
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Table Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Yoga
  • Rowing Machine

Overall User Experience

The realme Watch S has every thing you need from health monitoring to sport tracking, it may not be as extensive as other pricier smartwatches but it serves its purpose. It even has a drinking reminder to remind you to drink water for every interval you set. However, I do feel like it is more suitable for people with larger wrist and bulky watch due to its size.

For those who already own a realme smartphone, you are able to unlock your phone by wearing the watch and being near to the phone without doing it manually which is a very convenient feature. You can also pair it with your phone as a camera remote. However, these features are currently limited to realme smartphones only.

As realme had just stepped into the AIOT game quite recently, we can’t wait but to see what other innovations they can bring to their products in the near future. For RM 369 the realme Watch S is an affordable and fitting watch for those whom are looking for basic fitness tracking and health monitoring or for those whom are new to smartwatches.

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realme watch s: Competitive priced Smartwatch for Essential Features 25
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