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Razer x Pikachu TWS Earbuds Now Exist, But Only in China

Razer x Pikachu TWS Earbuds

Razer has added yet another product into its Razer x Pokemon Company portfolio – Razer x Pikachu TWS Earbuds. Not just any TWS earbuds these are, they’re customised Pikachu-themed Razer TWS earbuds at that.

Razer x Pikachu TWS Earbuds

Razer x Pikachu TWS Earbuds

These Razer x Pikachu TWS Earbuds are customised to the point that the in-ear voice prompts are voiced by Pikachu too. Here are some examples:

Turn OnPika! Pi~Ka~Chu~~
Turn OffNotification Sound
Pairing ModePika, Pi~Ka~
Successful PairingPika! Pi~Ka~Chu~~
DisconnectedNotification Sound
Low BatteryPikaPika! PikaPika!
Low Delay ModePi~~Ka~Chu~~~
Switching Back to Normal ModeNotification Sound
Activating Voice AssistantPika!
Incoming CallPhone Ringtone
Answering a CallPika!
Rejecting a CallNotification Sound
Customised Pikachu In-ear Prompts

For its charging case, the Razer x Pikachu TWS Earbuds uses the Pokeball’s design and it is capable of being charged wirelessly as it has a flat bottom. As for the earbuds charging, they charge via magnetic touch points. The center of the pokeball also has an LED light to let you know its charging status. In terms of battery life, the earbuds can provide up to 3 hours on a single charge, while the charging case can provide an additional 15 hours of battery life.

Razer x Pikachu TWS Earbuds

On the Razer x Pikachu TWS Earbuds themselves, the Pikachu graphics section is actually a touch sensor area for music controls. You can play/pause music, summon up your phone’s voice assistant, and even answer/decline calls.

  • Hold (0.5s) – Answer/decline calls + Play/Pause Music
  • Hold (2s) – Activate voice assistant + Hang up
  • Hold (6s) – Enter pairing mode
  • Double-tap – Answer calls + Next song
  • Triple-tap – Previous song
  • Triple-tap and hold 2s on last tap – Turn on/off gaming mode + remove device from pairing mode

To further increase stability and improve noise cancellation, the Razer x Pikachu TWS Earbuds also come with a pair of silicone casing to keep them in place.

Razer x Pikachu TWS Earbuds

On top of just being a pair of wireless earbuds, these earbuds come with 60ms low delay feature. To enjoy this feature, you’ll need to turn on the 60ms low delay mode. They are also IPX4 rated for water and dust resistance so you can definitely workout with them.

Utilising Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the Razer x Pikachu TWS Earbuds are capable of instant pairing. When you take them out of the charging case, they instantly power up and are ready to go whenever you are.

Pricing and Availability

Razer x Pikachu TWS Earbuds

The Razer x Pikachu TWS Earbuds will commence for sales on the 16th of April 2020. It will be sold for 899 Chinese Yuan on Taobao, which is approximately RM520.

Unfortunately, the sales will only happen exclusively in China. So unless you have a friend there who can ship it back to you, it might be tough to actually get your hands on one.


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Chief Content Developer at The AXO

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