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Wild Pikachu-Themed Razer Atheris Gaming Mice Appeared

Razer Atheris Pikachu

Last year, Razer announced a limited edition set of gaming peripherals that were all Pikachu-themed. This year in celebration of the year of the mouse, CEO of Razer, Min-Liang Tan announced another Pikachu-themed gaming mice – Razer Atheris. Pikachu = Mouse, get it?

Anyways, unfortunately, it suffers the same fate as last year’s Pikachu-themed peripherals, being yet another China-exclusive product.

This limited edition is also draped in bright Pikachu yellow. It has red highlights on its scroll wheel and the side buttons are back too. If you look closely, it even has a print of Pikachu’s face on the mouse. That being said, apart from the aesthetics, it performs just like the standard edition of the Razer Atheris.

Razer’s CEO did mention that the reason why Razer’s Pikachu-themed Atheirs gaming peripherals are a China exclusive, is because of “trademarks and all that legal stuff”. It might sound vague, but it might just be the same reason that impacted the previous set of Pikachu-themed peripherals.

Pricing and Availability

Wild Pikachu-Themed Razer Atheris Gaming Mice Appeared 16

The limited edition Razer Atheris Pikachu Edition will sell for CNY 499, and yes, they are only available in China. If you really want to get your hands on one, you could reach out to a friend of yours in China (if any). To learn more, click here.

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Wild Pikachu-Themed Razer Atheris Gaming Mice Appeared 17
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