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Indulge In The Raya Festivities With Samsung Home Appliances

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The upcoming Raya celebration will be different from usual as we dive in to the new normal. However, what remains is the spirit of celebration during this festive season with our families and loved ones. During this period, some of us will have the joy and privilege to be around those we love, and for others who are close to us in our hearts but apart from us, can still be connected with virtual celebrations via online video calls.

The Raya festive season is all about the expression of gratefulness and appreciation. As Hari Raya draws closer, most household families will be preoccupied with preparations to welcome the season. Activities such as spring cleaning or preparing a list of warm and hearty meals will take place.

Here are a few ideas and tips on using Samsung home appliances to ‘bergotong-royong’ or ‘bermasak lauk-pauk’. Let’s make this moment special whether if it is cleaning or cooking together!

Samsung Jet Series Vacuum Cleaners with Clean Station™

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Indulge In The Raya Festivities With Samsung Home Appliances 19

Samsung Jet series is not just a simple cleaning vacuum cleaner but it is a new level of healthy cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. Check out the Samsung Jet Performance and how to use the vacuum cleaner to increase efficiency in cleaning and also understand the product benefits.

With that said, pair the Jet Series vacuum cleaner with a Clean Station™ to eliminate dust as it comes equipped with an Auto Empty Dustbin function that helps empty out the dustbin easily after vacuuming. Watch the video link to check out the features and benefit of using Clean Station™.

5 Vacuum Cleaning Tips

  • Dust other areas of your room first. For example, use a wet towel to clean the dust off the TV table, dressing table, working desk, bookshelf, etc. This will allow the dust to settle on the ground, which can be vacuumed away easily.
  • Move furniture aside before vacuuming. This allows you to reach dusty areas, giving you more time and convenience to vacuum difficult areas. Also, try to pick up small objects that might cause damage to your vacuum cleaner – you don’t want that to happen.
  • Depending on the cleaning situation, choose the right brush head that’s suitable for the surface that you are cleaning. For example, the Soft Action Brush effectively cleans floors while the crevice tool helps to pick up dust and dirt from small crevices conveniently. Check the video link to learn and understand the function of different brush head.
  • Additional tips on cleaning your stained or spotted rug – best to clean it with a spot cleaner, followed by vacuuming the area. This method will keep your rug in better condition and enhance your vacuuming efforts.
  • Last but not least, invest in a good vacuum cleaner like the Samsung Jet series which provide good suction power and 99.999% of fine dust emission blocking. This will enable you to have an efficient cleaning process, especially when paired with the Clean Station™ that can prevent fine dust scattering in the air.

Samsung Grill Microwave Oven

The MW5000T Grill Microwave Oven is a useful kitchen appliance for the upcoming Raya celebrations. The benefits of this Grill Microwave Oven can be seen with its Power Saving Function while it helps to prepare home-cooked meals in a breeze. 

Check out the link here on this 3 video clip of bread defrost, grill fry and home dessert using the Samsung Grill microwave oven.

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Indulge In The Raya Festivities With Samsung Home Appliances 19

6 Essential Button Functions to Cook Your Meal

  • Microwave + Grill

This cooking mode combines the radiant heat that comes from the grill with the speed of microwave cooking. It will only operate while the door is closed and the turntable is rotating, which browns food evenly.

  •  Microwave

This function enables you to defrost, reheat, or cook your meals. You can increase or decrease the cooking time while the microwave oven is cooking. Check how cooking is progressing at any time simply by opening the door, and then increase or decrease the cooking time if necessary.

  • Grill

The grill enables you to heat and brown food quickly, without using microwaves. For better cooking and grilling results, use the grill rack.

  • Power Defrost/ Quick Defrost*

Enables you to defrost meat, poultry, fish, bread, and cake. This defrost usage is particularly useful when last-minute defrosting is needed for cooking. All you need to do is select the programme and food weight, as the defrost time and power levels are set automatically.

  • Grill Fry

Grill Fry has 15 pre-programmed cook settings. Neither cooking times nor the power levels need to be set. Suitable for cooking frozen French fries, frozen chicken nuggets, frozen potato croquettes, frozen fish cutlets, and more!

  • Auto Cook 

Auto Cook has 33 pre-programmed cook settings. Neither cooking times nor the power levels need to be set. Additionally, you may also select your desired category (Healthy Cooking, Home Dessert, and Bread Defrost) for better cooking experience!

For more information and recommended recipes with the Samsung Grill Microwave Oven, check out this link here.

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