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Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM Review: Good Game, Well Pressed

Predator Gaming Chair X OSIM Review

When the Predator Gaming Chair X OSIM was first revealed, our minds were blown. Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner? Was it not technologically possible? Predator and OSIM then joined hands to unveil this during their next@Acer global press conference back in July 2020. OSIM reached out to us to see if we wanted to review the chair, how could we say no?

Predator Gaming Chair X OSIM

Predator Gaming Chair X OSIM Review


The Predator Gaming Chair X OSIM is one hell of a good looking chair. It almost looks like its a king’s throne, but with many, many secrets hidden inside it. And secrets there are, but we’ll get to them a little later. Let’s first talk about its design. The chair’s fabric is made out of PVC leatherette, which has more layers than PU leather. Thus, making it more durable, dirt-resistant, and of course, water and sweat resistant too. The seat foam density is 50KG/m3, and it feels plush yet firm.

Predator Gaming Chair X OSIM Review

The internals are made from steel, but the rest of the chair is made out of textured plastic. You might say plastic sounds cheap, but it actually feels and looks rather premium because it goes with the entire gaming chair look. Shiny steel wouldn’t look as nice with the black sheen the chair has going on.

The Predator Gaming Chair X OSIM is a bucket-seat style gaming chair that has massage features from OSIM to better after-game comfort (I’ll explain later). On the top, you get an adjustable headrest that is supported by a strap on the back of the chair. On your back, there’s also the lumbar support which you can remove with ease.

Take note, you will need to remove the lumbar for the full massage experience. Hidden within the right armrest is the massage control panel. That means there’s no remote control or app control, just slide the top of the armrest back, and you can set your massage preference right away. Looking at the bottom, you will find the recline and height adjustment levers, with the power port to supply power to the chair.


Predator Gaming Chair X OSIM Review

When it comes to comfort, the Predator Gaming Chair X OSIM is comfortable for the most part. The seat base is as mentioned above, plush yet firm. It’s soft, but it has the right amount of density to not sink in all the way. I have rather thick thighs, so the sides of the seat base is a little too narrow for me. But for my wife, it fits her just fine.

The removable lumbar has a memory foam effect, and it compresses really nicely to when you lay your back into the chair. It offers great support and is somewhat breathable, so you don’t sweat too much.

The headrest is my favourite part, because most gaming chairs’ headrests are fixed, so you can’t adjust the height much, especially if you’re tall or shorter person. Predator and OSIM fixed this by attaching the ends of the headrest with a large strip of leather, which can be pulled up and down to adjust the height. So, if you’re someone tall, you can push the headrest all the way up. But if you’re someone shorter, you can pull the headrest all the way down and secure it with the strap that’s on the upper back of the chair.

Predator Gaming Chair X OSIM Review

The armrests don’t have any cushion built on top of them, but it’s fine considering your hands will be on the table most of the time if you’re gaming. Otherwise, it’s decent with a textured finish and isn’t prone to sweat stains.

Predator Gaming Chair X OSIM Review

When you remove the lumbar, and sit all the way in for a massage session, the chair gets even more comfortable as you can feel it hugging your entire back. I for one, prefer to just sit in the chair without the lumbar support when I’m working, but to each their own. The lower front of the chair also has a protruding part that is slightly angled downwards, and this part goes just nicely to rest your calves on.


Remember when I said “after-game massage”? Yeah, that’s because you won’t be using the massage features when you’re gaming, unless your hands can stay firm with the massagers vibrating away on your back and shoulders.

Predator Gaming Chair X OSIM Review

Embedded into the Predator Gaming Chair X OSIM, is OSIM’s V-Hand Technology. It emulates the skilful techniques and flexibility of a masseuse’s hands. It can perform a realistic hand-grip massage to relieve stiff neck and muscle knots. Lumbar presses to glide and press along the lumbar to relieve back pain. In this case, you’d want to leave the lumbar on so it doesn’t end up hurting your back. The rollers can go all the way up to my shoulders, and that’s a big bonus, because I thought they could only go up to my back at maximum.

Comfort wise, the Predator Gaming Chair X OSIM brings you to a whole other level of comfort compared to gaming chairs currently in the market. Because of the added massaging element, once you’re done with your gaming sessions, you can kick back, and with the press of a button, you can immediately get a massage. That’s quite literally, MOD – massage on demand.

Each massage program is uber comfortable, and you can even control how wide you want the rollers to be. Not only that, you can even choose which spot the massage should focus on vertically, and there’s also a specific neck and shoulder massage too. Additionally, there’s also the option for you to choose the massage technique – press-grip or rolling and tapping.

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Predator Gaming Chair x OSIM Review: Good Game, Well Pressed 13

User Experience

Predator Gaming Chair X OSIM Review

Comfort and Massage aside, the Predator Gaming Chair X OSIM is easy to setup and use. The chair assembles like any other chair. You attach the armrests to the base, then the back, followed by the gaslift piston and the wheel base. Next, all you need to do is plug in the power cable, and you’re ready to get your shiatsu on. Okay, maybe not shiatsu, but massage in general.

The Predator Gaming Chair X OSIM chair itself is a feat of its own, as it is the world’s first gaming massage chair. However, there are two problems I see with it. They’re not major problems, just things you should know. One, the control panel. The control panel on the chair uses this press panel, and I’ve seen my fair share of this type of controls. The surface would wear out and break, revealing the inner mechanics of the buttons. I haven’t tried the chair long enough to see if the chair will suffer the same fate. But, so far so good, I just hope the control panel doesn’t end up like that.

Predator Gaming Chair X OSIM Review

It would’ve been cool if Predator could’ve made the controls with mechanical switches. That would’ve increased the control’s life span, and gave it that extra gaming edge. Additionally, you could change the keycaps on the controls to your liking too. This is just an idea for maybe v2 of the Predator Gaming Chair X OSIM, perhaps?

Another problem is the power cable. Because it is fixed onto one spot of the bottom of the gaming chair, and there is a cable running from the chair through the floors and to the power plug, you have to be sure to not spin around too much while on the chair. Like I said, not a major problem, just try to keep it stagnant, and you’ll be fine.

Predator Gaming Chair X OSIM Review

And since the chair is already supplied with power, it wouldn’t hurt to include some RGB lighting on the back or the base of the chair, right? v2 of the Predator Gaming Chair X OSIM, hint hint.


Predator Gaming Chair X OSIM Review

What? There’s an audio section of the Predator Gaming Chair X OSIM review? You read that right, this audio section is catered to the built-in Bluetooth speakers. This really adds to the dynamics of how you could use the chair. You can pair the chair’s bluetooth speakers with your PC, and you can sit back to enjoy your game’s audio or music. Otherwise, you can pair it with your phone, and listen to all your favourite tunes from Spotify. How you can use this is to find those relaxing playlists on Spotify, set it to shuffle, and start massaging away.

As for audio quality, you do get that stereo sound effect. But, it’s not the best speakers in the business. It offers a nice balance of highs and mids, but there is just no bass. Of course, the speakers are meant for relaxing tunes, so it’s forgivable that there is very little bass on the speakers. The speakers can also get quite loud, so you might want to control the volume on your PC or phone, as there is no direct volume control on the control panel. This might be an oversight, as direct volume control would be nice to have on the control panel itself.


Predator Gaming Chair X OSIM Review

For the price of RM2,699, the Predator Gaming Chair X OSIM is a great gaming chair if you were already looking to spend this huge amount on one. Instead of looking at those Secretlab gaming chairs, why not go for something that’s equally comfortable, and has massaging features with Bluetooth speakers built right in?

To the inner consumer in me, I just can’t see the reason why I would purchase a gaming chair that doesn’t have these great additional features. It’s a more reasonable purchase, and one that can be enjoyed not just by you, but by the entire family too.

To get one for yourself, just click on this link right here. Better be quick if you want to snag it at RM2,699 because the price will only be valid till the end of November, or while stocks last.

There’s also a Predator blue version, if the all-black version is too plain for you.

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