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Logitech’s Playmaster Software Helps You Get Better at CS:GO

Logitech's Playmaster Software Helps You Get Better at CS:GO 15

Logitech G (the company’s gaming division) has recently announced an open beta for its Playmaster software. This tool apparently aids Counter Strike: Global gamers to be better at the game through training with the help of artificial intelligence.

Logitech’s Playmaster Software

The Logitech Playmaster tool is supposedly aimed towards improving CS:GO player’s skills through practicing certain techniques (e.g. tracking, moving and shooting). Moreover, the aforementioned tool includes custom maps to aid in improving players’ skills as well. Additionally, players are also able to see how they rank (skill-wise) compared to other players who have used the software. The AI-driven software will then create a tailored ‘training routine’ for the gamer to improve their skills.

Impressively, Logitech has worked together with University of Limerick’s “Lero Esports Science Research Lab” to develop the software. In Logitech’s own words, “Playmaster is designed to capture specific data from gamers — from amateurs to esports pros — to help them understand how to reach their full potential.”

Currently the aforementioned CS:GO training software is available for download for free; although do keep in mind that the tool is currently still in the beta phase. So, if you’re an aspiring CS:GO pro gamer, then why not give the Logitech Playmaster tool a try.

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Logitech's Playmaster Software Helps You Get Better at CS:GO 16

(Source: Logitech)

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