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Let Your Kids Order Food With GrabFood Delivery Doodles

Let Your Kids Order Food With GrabFood Delivery Doodles 20

Grab is making food delivery fun by involving your kids. Introducing GrabFood Delivery Doodles! With kids now studying from home, channel some of their creative and energy reserves by letting them drawing their favorite food. Use Delivery Doodles from GrabFood to turn those pictures into actual food food orders that they will be excited for.

GrabFood Delivery Doodles

Though the way Grab is describing it, Delivery Doodles is aimed for kids. However, feel free to try it out yourself with your spare time to go creative with your doodles. Draw what you wish to eat later, submit it via the GrabFood app and let the app guess what you have drawn to match it with a local restaurant that can deliver that dish via GrabFood.

GrabFood Delivery Doodles

The new feature is a collaboration between GrabFood and Google with a AI built using machine learning and was trained using over 10,000 doodles contributed by volunteers from Grab, Google and their family members. The AI is now capable of recognizing local dishes ranging from Nasi Lemak to Soup Noodles.

delivery doodles

This is also an initiative to support local food business on the platform. Delivery Doodles can be used as a way to decide what to eat everyday, as well as teaching children to appreciate our local food heritage. Sulin Lau, the regional country marketing head of Grab

Start doodling, take out your phone, snap and start ordering now!

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Let Your Kids Order Food With GrabFood Delivery Doodles 21
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