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Google Pixel 4 XL Users Reporting Back Panel Peeling Off

Google Pixel 4 XL Users Reporting Back Panel Peeling Off 8

Reports have recently surfaced regarding Google’s current flagship smartphone, the Pixel 4 XL. It seems that some users have experienced their smartphone’s glass back peeling off for some unknown reason. Complaints by users were seen on both Reddit and Google’s official support forum.

Pixel 4 XL Glass Back Reportedly Peeling Off

Users have reported that the glass back of Google Pixel 4 XL’s are starting to peel off from the sides of the smartphone. It’s found that the adhesive used to attach the glass back onto the frame of the smartphone has weakened and users were unable to attach the glass back onto the frame once this has happened. Worryingly, one user has reported that even after receiving four replacement device in the last 10 months, the Pixel 4 XL was still found to have the aforementioned problem.

Pixel 4 XL

Of course, there’s no discounting the fact that this may just be small, isolated cases; but, judging from the wave of reports on both Reddit and Google’s official support forum, it seems that the problem still warrants attention from Google regardless. The company has, however, responded to users facing this issue on Reddit. Their response is as follows:

We’ve investigated the issue and concluded that this is not related to the Pixel battery. If you’re experiencing back glass lift on your Pixel 4/4XL, we recommend reaching out to 1:1 support to explore warranty options. We’re here to help and want to make sure your Pixel 4/4XL is operating properly.

Nonetheless, if you are facing similar issues, do contact Google support for help. Hopefully, the same issue wouldn’t occur on the company’s upcoming, heavily-rumoured Pixel 4A smartphone.

(Source: Reddit, Google Support Forum)

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Google Pixel 4 XL Users Reporting Back Panel Peeling Off 9

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