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Gigabyte Has A New Promotion For Its Older GTX1600 Series GPUs

Gigabyte GTX Promo

Gigabyte Malaysia today announced its new Gigabyte GTX Promo for its GTX graphics card lineup. This comes after the announcement of the company’s new RTX 3000 series GPUs. The new Gigabyte GTX promo will be starting from the 1st of November till the 30th of November 2020. As for redemptions, they have to be made on or before the 7th of December 2020.

Gigabyte GTX Promo

Gigabyte GTX Promo

For those of you who purchase an eligible Gigabyte GTX graphics card, you will be receiving a free AORUS t-shirt. Here are the qualifying models for the promotion:

  • GTX1660 Super Gaming OC 6G
  • GTX1660 Super OC 6G
  • GTX 1660 Gaming OC 6G
  • GTX 1660 OC 6G
  • GTX 1650 Super Windforce OC 4G
  • GTX 1650 D6 Eagle OC 4G
  • GTX 1650 D6 WindForce OC 4G
  • GTX 1650 D6 OC 4G
  • GTX 1650 WindForce OC 4G
  • GTX 1650 OC 4G
  • GTX 1650 MINI ITX OC 4G

Once you’ve purchased the GPU, head on over to this link here for redemption. Simply fill in the form, and wait for the t-shirt to be delivered to you.

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