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Gigabyte AORUS And AERO Series Wins Red Dot Design Award; Arrives In Malaysia From RM7,599


Gigabyte is no stranger when it comes to gaming laptops, and the company’s new line of laptops just made it big by winning the Red Dot Design Award for the 2020 AORUS and AERO series laptops.

The Red Dot Design Award receive 6,5000 entries from over 60 countries, and Gigabyte managed to clinch not one, not two, but four awards from Red Dot with the AERO 15 OLED and AERO 17, as well as the AORUS 15G and AORUS 17X. Apart from Red Dot Design Awards, Gigabyte laptops have also won several other awards including the European Hardware Awards for Best Notebook and the Taiwan Excellence Award.

Gigabyte AORUS – Made For Gaming

Gigabyte AORUS

To further excel in the gaming laptop industry, Gigabyte collaborated with G2 Esports, a professional global esports team, to come up with a custom-built gaming laptop to cater to the professional gamers’ needs. Paired with 10th generation Intel Core processors and Nvidia’s latest RTX graphics card, high refresh rate screens, and even a mechanical keyboard, the Gigabyte AORUS series blows past the competition.

The AORUS 17X is the larger model featuring a 17.3-inch screen. infused with design inspired by supercars and a fighter jet. Made with Computer Numerical Control (CNC), the all-aluminium chassis is further furnished with end-to-end RGB LED lights to give it greater aesthetics to go along with its performance.

As for the AORUS 15G, it is a professional gaming laptop made for those who are always on-the-go. Despite having a mechanical keyboard system just like the AORUS 17X, it is still lighter and has a longer-lasting battery. The AORUS 15G also retains that racing theme with race car side decals.

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Gigabyte AORUS And AERO Series Wins Red Dot Design Award; Arrives In Malaysia From RM7,599 5

Gigabyte AERO – Made For Creators

Gigabyte AERO

While the AORUS lineup caters to the gaming crowd, Gigabyte’s AERO lineup is made for the content creator. Packed up to an Intel 10th gen Core i9 processor and Nvidia RTX graphics card, the AERO series is designed for content creation. It features Samsung AMOLED displays, which supports both 100% DCI-P3 as well as VESA’s DisplayHDR 400 True Black standard. Having an AMOLED panel, it also supports 125% of the sRGB colour gamut, that’s 25% more than the standard LCD coverage.

These displays are made to as colour accurate as possible so no designer will ever miss a colour. They are all Xrite Pantone certified and factory-calibrated with professional color calibrators, each one going through its own calibration testing to ensure the most accurate display possible.

Pricing and Availability

Gigabyte AORUS And AERO Series Wins Red Dot Design Award; Arrives In Malaysia From RM7,599 6

Pre-orders have already begun for the Gigabyte AORUS and AERO series in Malaysia. Prices range from RM7,599 to RM10,399, and you can pre-order them from the retailers below:

To learn more about Gigabyte’s AORUS and AERO series laptops, check them out below:

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