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Genshin Impact Unreconciled Stars Event: All You Need To Know

Genshin Impact Unreconciled Stars Event

The Genshin Impact Unreconciled Stars Event is finally here, being part of the huge 1.1 update. During the event, all you need to do is to complete these designated quests as well as “Star of Destiny” challenges to collect Fading Star’s Might and Fading Star’s Essence. These are items exclusively rewarded for this particular event only.

Genshin Impact Unreconciled Stars Event

Genshin Impact Unreconciled Stars Event

The Fading Star Might and Essence can be exchanged in the Event Shop for:

  • Character Ascension Materials
  • Hero’s Wit
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • Talent Level-Up Materials
  • Crown of Insight, and other rewards
Genshin Impact Unreconciled Stars Event

Players may complete the “Prinzessin’s Pact” to get “Prinzessin der  Verurteilung!” Fischl (Electro).

To start the Genshin Impact Unreconciled Stars Event, you need to have an Adventure Rank of 20 and above. The Unreconciled Star Event is separated into three phases as shown below:

Event Duration: 2020/11/16 – 2020/11/30

  • “Unknown Star” starting time: 2020/11/16
  • “Star of Deceitful Dreams” starting time: 2020/11/18
  • “Star of Destiny” starting time: 2020/11/23

As for the Event Shop, it will only be propped up from the 16th of November 2020 to the 6th of December 2020. Once the event shop closes, all Fading Star’s Might and Fading Star’s  Essence in your possession will automatically disappear.

For Character Boosts, during “Meteorite Remains” and “Fallen Star”  challenges, the following characters will receive a boost. Damage dealt by these characters will be increased by 60% during the aforementioned challenges.

  • Tartaglia
  • Mona
  • Fischl
  • Lisa
  • Beidou
  • Ningguang
  • Noelle
  • Chongyun
  • Xiangling

Part 1: Unknown Star

Talk to Katheryne from the Adventurers’ Guild in Mondstadt to start the quest “Unknown Star.” After Unknown Star is completed, the first segment of the Unreconciled Stars event will become available: Unknown Star – Overture. Select the location icon on the “Unknown Star – Overture” event page to view the impact sites where meteorite shards are present.

Genshin Impact Unreconciled Stars Event

When you reach an affected area, the mini-map in the upper left corner of  the screen will show the approximate locations of meteorite shards. The meteorite shards will resonate with a nearby character’s Vision, causing the  Vision to glow. The closer you draw to a shard, the brighter the glowing will become.

Genshin Impact Unreconciled Stars Event

Once you have found a meteorite shard, you may interact with it to salvage it. Clear away meteorite shards to obtain Fading Star’s Might and  complete salvage quests in designated regions to claim the corresponding  rewards from the event page.

Meteorite Shards Locations

Three regional salvage quests will become available on November 16, and  three further regional salvage quests will become available on November 17. After all the regional quests are unlocked, Travelers must clear the first  three salvage quests and claim the corresponding rewards in order to access the following three salvage quests.

Part 2: Star of Deceitful Dreams

After “Star of Deceitful Dreams” begins on November 18,  complete the quest “The Crisis Deepens” to begin the second event phase, “Star of Deceitful Dreams.” Travelers will need to head to the indicated locations of meteorites on the Map and salvage the meteorites.

Genshin Impact Unreconciled Stars Event

There are different levels to choose from when salvaging meteorite remains and the available levels will vary according to your World Level. Salvage difficulty and rewards will vary with the Salvage Level, so please pick the most suitable difficulty.

Genshin Impact Unreconciled Stars Event

Defeat opponents to advance the Salvage Progress. Reach the max Salvage Progress within the time limit to successfully salvage the meteorite, otherwise salvaging will fail. If you stray too far from the meteorite remains during salvaging, the  meteorite will lose energy, and Salvage Progress will decrease. During battles to salvage Fading Star’s Might, the energy secreted by the meteorite remains will have an effect on surrounding opponents and cause them to become more violent and gain elemental protection.

Genshin Impact Unreconciled Stars Event

After the salvaging process is completed within the time limit, you may spend 20 Original Resin to salvage the Meteorite Remains and obtain Fading Star’s Might as well as character Companionship EXP. You may also claim additional rewards from the event screen after salvaging set amounts of Meteorite Remains.

Genshin Impact Unreconciled Stars Event

Part 3: Star of Destiny

Complete the quest “What the Skies Conceal, the Water Reveals”  to unlock the event’s third phase, “Star of Destiny.” After the third event phase has begun, Travelers can challenge  “Fallen Star” to salvage Fading Star’s Essence. You may choose to enter this challenge in either Single Player or Co-Op Mode.

Genshin Impact Unreconciled Stars Event

When the challenge begins, one of the following astral anomalies will  occur at random: Orbital ShiftDark Omen, or Inauspicious Star. Defeat monsters to accumulate celestial energy. Press the T key or tap the submit icon within the celestial energy submission zone to submit  accumulated celestial energy. There is a limit to the amount of celestial  energy that can be carried, so be sure to promptly submit your energy. If you  are hit while submitting energy, the submission process is interrupted and  you will lose the energy in your possession (when a certain astral anomaly is  in effect, being interrupted during submission can even cause you to lose all  your energy), so remain vigilant during the submission process.

During the Fallen Star challenge, a certain character may randomly  receive a special character effect. Possible special effects include Fecund Starburst and Heroic Starburst.

Genshin Impact Unreconciled Stars Event

Deliver celestial energy and fill the progress bar up before time runs out to complete the challenge. 

Genshin Impact Unreconciled Stars Event

After completing the Fallen Star challenge, you may spend 40 Original Resin to obtain Fading Star’s Essence and other rewards. The corresponding rewards will vary depending on your World Level. Fading Star’s Essence can be exchanged in the Event Shop for Talent Level-Up Materials and Weapon Enhancement Materials.

Meteoric Wave

Genshin Impact Unreconciled Stars Event

Three Meteoric Wave World Quests will unlock with each unlocked event phase of Unreconciled Stars. Complete these World Quests to obtain rewards  such as Fading Star’s Might, Fading Star’s Essence, Primogems, and Mora.

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Genshin Impact Unreconciled Stars Event: All You Need To Know 22
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