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Genshin Impact CheatSheet: Task List, Character Builds, Currencies, And More

genshin impact cheatsheet

Most of us are looking for that Genshin Impact cheatsheet, spending hours going through multiple sites to look for them, and there can be too much information to remember if you want to upgrade or ascend your characters or artifacts. Here’s a quick little cheat sheet to help you in your travels in Teyvat!

Disclaimer: I did not make these myself, but simply compiled what I could find into one simple article for your reference. Each data will be sourced to its creators. Some of the images may be blurry, but we’ve tried uploading in the highest resolution possible. Enjoy.

  • Update 1 – Added Shrine of Depths Locations
  • Update 2 – Added Interactive World Map
  • Update 3 – Added Elemental Reaction Chart
  • Update 4 – Added Mondstadt/Liyue Specialties Farming Route
  • Update 5 – Added Diona Recommended Build
  • Update 6 – Added Childe Recommended Build, Updated Qiqi Recommended Build

Genshin Impact Cheatsheet

Genshin Impact Cheatsheet

This is the Everything Genshin Impact Cheatsheet, which has (almost) all the information mentioned below in one large image. It covers your recommended daily task list, Traveler-specific talents, talent and weapon resource rotations, farming routes and more.

Genshin Impact Interactive World Map

Genshin Impact CheatSheet: Task List, Character Builds, Currencies, And More 10

This map is where you can find all the anemoculus/geoculus locations, as well as all the different types of chest locations, and time challenges too. Just click on what you’re looking for, and the map will show you where they are. You can check out the map here.

Elemental Reaction Chart

Genshin Impact CheatSheet: Task List, Character Builds, Currencies, And More 11
Source: SunMilk

Above is a simple and easy to read elemental reaction chart, that will better help you understand the different types of elemental reactions, and which reaction is better to increase your damage output.

Daily Task List

Genshin Impact Cheatsheet

These here are some of the tasks you should be doing on the daily, everytime you login into the game. On top of doing your daily commissions for Primogems and other rewards, you’d want to spend your resin so it has the chance to recharge everyday. You would also want to farm mob material routes, despawn all non-resin world bosses, farm at mining locations for stuff like White Iron, crystals, and more. You should also be collecting all the character ascension materials and chests you can find along the farming routes you travel upon.

Traveler Specific Talents

Genshin Impact Cheatsheet

If you’re into building your Traveler, here’s a simple guide on the materials and the schedules you need for the character level based on the element of your choice – Anemo, Geo.

Talent Rotations

Genshin Impact Cheatsheet

For Talent upgrades, different books of “Teaching” are offered throughout the different days of the week, and they rotate, which can be obtained from the Abyssal Domains of Forsaken Rift and Taishan Mountain. Sunday is basically a rest day, while the schedule shows the types of Teachings offered from Monday to Saturday, as well as the corresponding character that needs it.

Weapon Resource Rotations

Genshin Impact Cheatsheet

The same goes for Weapon ascension, where the schedule and list of weapons are listed as above.

Monster/Resource Specific Farming Spots

Genshin Impact Cheatsheet

It can be hard to remember which monsters or mobs are located where, and the map above clearly shows where you can find them, especially if you’re looking for a specific one. Just the locate the legend on the map, and head on over.

Shrine of Depths Locations

Shrine of Depths Locations
Source: RPGSite

The Shrine of Depths are located across the map of Teyvat, and each region – Mondstadt and Liyue – has its own shrine and the matching key to open them. The map above maps out all the shrines and their locations. So, how does one get these keys?

Mondstadts’s Shrine Of Depths Key Locations:

You can get it from the following Domains:

  • Ascension Domain (Clear the Ruins gives 3 keys)
  • Eagle’s Gate
  • Temple of the Falcon
  • Temple of the Lion
  • Temple of the Wolf

In the Adventurer’s Handbook, Chapter 4 also gives you several keys:

  • Upgrade the Mondstadt Statues of the Seven to Lvl. 6
  • Chapter 5 – Open 100 chests

For Quests, you need to take on the “New Horizons of Adventure” quest by talking to Katheryne from the Adventurer’s stand in Mondstadt.


In Liyue, these domains will be rewarding the key for Liyue’s Shrine of Depths:

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Genshin Impact CheatSheet: Task List, Character Builds, Currencies, And More 12
  • Domain of Forsaken Ruins
  • Domain of Wayward Path
  • Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula (2 keys, 2 different levels)

For quests, you can get them from doing:

  • The Chi of Guyun
  • Treasure Lost / Treasure Found
  • The Tree Who Stands Alone

Farming Routes

Genshin Impact Cheatsheet

Here are some of the farming routes to take on your daily task list. Clear up the routes everyday to further level up your characters and get more artifacts, and Mora.

Region Specialties Farming Routes

Here are the farming routes that can get you some of the materials and resources you’re looking for, either for cooking or for character ascensions.

Do also note that there is an achievement for picking up Liyue/Mondstadt specialties in other co-op players world, so be sure to try that out. Thanks, u/wqnxy!

Character Tier List

Genshin Impact Cheatsheet

This is a character tier list, based on how well they perform in the game based on their role as support/DPS. This list isn’t definitive, but serve as a general guideline to how good the character is.

Character Ascension Table

Genshin Impact Cheatsheet

Here are all of the character’s ascension list, released and unreleased. You might want to zoom in a little more.

Currency Guide

Genshin Impact Cheatsheet

There are a lot of currencies in the land of Teyvat. The basic being Mora, which acts like money, where you use it mostly to upgrade your character’s levels, artifacts, or enhance weapons. Then there’s Anemo and Geo sigils which lets you purchase items from the souvenir shops in Liyue and Mondstadt. There’s also the Fragile Resin which lets you replenish your Original Resin so you can claim your bounties from defeating mini bosses.

Masterless Stardust are used to purchase ascension items from the shop, while Masterless Starglitter allows you to purchase heroes and weapons from the shop. Then, there’s the Acquainted Fate which lets you pull characters or items from the “Wish” tab. As for the Intertwined Fate, it’s a currency for you to pull heroes or characters from special event banners.

Next, there’s the Primogems which you will use to fund your purchase of Acquainted and Intertwined Fate. 160 Primogems = 1 Acquainted/Intertwined Fate. And finally, the currency which you can buy with real world money – Genesis Crystals. Genesis crystals are the ones where you can use them to convert to Primogems.

The diagram above shows each currency’s recommended use, and what you should spend on.

Recommended Character Builds

These character builds are split into two categories – 4-star and 5-star characters. These are just suggestions, so you’re always free to change it any way you want to suit your play style.

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Genshin Impact CheatSheet: Task List, Character Builds, Currencies, And More 12



This isn’t of course the ULTIMATE Genshin Impact Cheatsheet, as there are more out there that covers even more detailed topics. But this should suffice for those of you who have just started out the game, and want to get to know then game a little better.

Need a quick recommendation on which smartphone to get if you’re playing Genshin Impact on mobile? Check it out here.

Genshin Impact CheatSheet: Task List, Character Builds, Currencies, And More 33

Source: @thesanealien Imgur / Genshin Impact General Character Strats

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