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Genshin Impact Bounty And Reputation System: All You Need To Know

Genshin Impact Bounty

Not sure about the Genshin Impact Bounty and Reputation System? As part of the Genshin Impact 1.1 update, the Bounties and Reputation system have been introduced to deliver more content for Genshin Travelers to play. Bounties are a part of the Reputation system, which is introduced in the “A New Star Approaches” update.

When you complete your bounties in the game, they will grant you City Reputation (CR) points for where the bounty was accepted. For example, if you took on a bounty in Liyue, you will earn City Reputation points for Liyue. And for Mondstadt, vice versa.

Genshin Impact Bounty

Genshin Impact Bounty

Here’s how to complete Genshin Impact Bounties. First, talk to Ms. Yu in Liyue Harbour or Hertha in Mondstadt. They should be standing around a notice board. When you select the bounty, there will be three bounty requests for you to choose from, each with different difficulty levels and CR points. The higher the difficulty (more stars), the higher the CR points awarded.

Read through the bounty request, and understand what you need to do. Next, accept the bounty and open your map. You should be a big yellow circle plotted on your map. Head to the location, and once you’ve entered the circle, a 10-minute timer will start and you have to complete the bounty within the given time frame.

Before you hunt your bounty, you’ll need to find three tracks to get clues on where your bounty is. You can find tracks by using your Elemental Vision, you will see a trail of blue flowing light that leads to your clues. Be still when you’re doing this, and make sure you get the direction right before moving forward. Keep using your Elemental Vision to see where you need to head to. The clues could either be obtained by defeating a monster, talking to an NPC, or something that can be picked up on the ground.

Genshin Impact Bounty

Once you’ve collected all three clues, you can now track your bounty. Find him/her, defeat them, and you will have completed your bounty. After that, head back to whomever you received your bounty from and talk to them, they will reward you with your respective CR points and Mora.

Take note that you can only do three bounty requests a week, so if you choose to do all the easiest bounties, you will only receive a total of 180 CR points, instead of doing all the hardest bounties for 300 CR points. On top of that, the three requests a week includes bounties in both region. Meaning, if you’ve decided to do a bounty in Liyue, when you try to attempt a bounty in Mondstadt, you will still only have two bounties left for the week. So, if you’re more keen on getting the Liyue Reputation Wings, you might want to just focus on the Liyue Bounties.

The Bounty Rewards are as below:

  • Level 1 (3 Star) – 60 CR Points, 20,000 Mora
  • Level 2 (4 Star) – 80 CR Points, 25,000 Mora
  • Level 3 (5 Star) – 100 CR Points, 30,000 Mora

Mondstadt and Liyue City Reputation Rewards

Mondstadt and Liyue City Reputation Rewards

Each city has its own City Reputation representative. For Liyue Harbour, it’s Ms. Yu, who’s the secretary of the Ministry of Civil Affairs. And for Mondstadt, it’s Hertha, who is the Knights of Favonius coordinator. All you need to do is talk to them to activate/view your Reputation System and take on bounties and requests.

The more bounties and requests you do, you will receive CR points, which will reward you with different prizes. There are eight levels of rewards for each city, which are listed as below:

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Genshin Impact Bounty And Reputation System: All You Need To Know 7

Mondstadt City Reputation Rewards:

Mondstadt and Liyue City Reputation Rewards
  • Level 1 – Recipe: Northern Apple Stew
  • Level 2 – Instructions: Anemoculus Resonance Stone
  • Level 3 – Diagram: Wind Catcher
  • Level 4 – Monstadt’s Hero Frame (Namecard) + Recipe: Adventurer’s Breakfast Sandwich
  • Level 5 – Diagram: NRE (Menu 30)
  • Level 6 – Diagram: Anemo Treasure Compass + Instructions: Portable Waypoint
  • Level 7 – Mondstadt Blessing (Namecard) + Recipe: Moon Pie
  • Level 8 – Wings of Azure Wind

Liyue Harbour City Reputation Rewards:

Mondstadt and Liyue City Reputation Rewards
  • Level 1 – Recipe: Golden Shrimp Balls
  • Level 2 – Instructions: Geoculus Resonance Stone
  • Level 3 – Instruction: Condensed Resin
  • Level 4 – Liyue A Thousand Ships (Namecard) + Recipe: Lotus Flower Crisp
  • Level 5 – Diagram: Adepti Seeker’s Stove
  • Level 6 – Diagram: Geo Treasure Compass
  • Level 7 – Liyue In The Clouds (Namecard) + Recipe: Tianshu Meat
  • Level 8 – Wings of Golden Flight

These rewards come in a mix of recipes, name cards, items, and glider skins. Resonance stones will be useful for finding those pesky Anemoculus/Geoculus, portable stove will be good if you need something cooked wherever you are, Treasure Compass will be good for finding chests, and the new glider wings will be a great flexing item when you’re in co-op. Always remember to check back with your City Reputation NPCs and collect your CR rewards. Happy travelling!

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