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Essilor Malaysia Launches 3 New Lenses To Help Malaysians Fight Against Digital Eye Strain


Introducing, Essilor. As we’re all working in the new norm, many Malaysians are finding themselves in front of the monitor/screen for much longer hours. Eye strain and eye fatigue are common issues when exposed to monitors or digital devices for prolonged hours of working. Malaysians are found to spend almost a quarter of their day on social media, with 17% spending more than 9 hours a day by checking their social media accounts.

Essilor Malaysia Launches 3 New Lenses To Help Malaysians Fight Against Digital Eye Strain 18

“As we live through unprecedented times, the way we live and work now have changed as part of the new normal. Everything we do on a daily basis, from the way we work, converse with each other, shop, do our banking, and exercise are now very much dependent on digital devices. These new vision habits take a significant toll on the performance of our eyes due to prolonged hours on screens – subsequently causing severe symptoms of digital eye strain. Increasing number of people are experiencing eye fatigue, digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome.  And yet, for most people, healthy vision is not a priority. Therefore, as the world leader in the eyecare industry, Essilor is committed to raising awareness about the importance of healthy vision and provide a wide variety of solutions in line with our culture of innovation,”Kathy Park, Regional Vice President, Essilor ASEAN and Korea. 

Essilor Malaysia’s 3 New Lenses

In an effort to correct, protect, and enhance the vision of consumers at a time when many Malaysians are experiencing digital eye strain, Essilor Malaysia today announced the launch of new products under its various flagship range of lenses that include Eyezen™, Crizal®, and Transitions®. 

Eyezen™ Start: For The Digitally Connected 

Essilor eyezen

As part of the expansion of the Eyezen™ range, the Eyezen™ Start is the new generation of single vision lenses designed to provide wearers better acuity in near vision. The Eyezen® lenses incorporate Eyezen’s DualOptim™ Technology, a new technology for single vision lenses taking into account two reference points – distance and near vision. The whole lenses’ surface is optimised according to object distance and gaze direction, bringing the right power throughout the lenses. These lenses are suitable for customers experiencing high visual fatigue symptoms. 

Crizal® Blue UV Capture™: For the clearest vision possible

Essilor crizal

Crizal® Blue UV Capture™ lenses filter out harmful blue-violet light while allowing beneficial blue light to pass through, while also blocking 100% UV rays. Blue light is essential because it helps us to maintain our sleep and wake cycle, elevates mood, and helps keep our memory sharp. This sets a new standard for blue cut technology alongside the near transparent Crizal® Sapphire™ UV coating, bringing consumers the protection they need with clearer lenses. 

Transitions® Signature® Gen 8™: Protect your eyes in style

Essilor Transitions

As the world leader in light intelligent lenses, Transitions® Signature® Gen 8™ is equipped with advanced fastest darkening and fastest fading transitions lenses. Transitions® Signature® Gen 8™ offers all the benefits that wearers need in terms of style and protection, as it blocks 100% UV rays and helps protect against harmful blue light indoors and outdoors. 

“Malaysia is one of our key markets in the region, and with statistics that reflect an increased amount of time spent on screen, we aim to raise awareness about healthy vision while providing a range of high-quality solutions to suit all Malaysians from various age groups. Our solutions are very much for all our customers at different points in their lives as we believe that seeing well is crucial to us being able to learn better, work better, and interact more effectively with the people around us,”Kathy Park, Regional Vice President, Essilor ASEAN and Korea. 

These newly launched lenses by Essilor Malaysia aims to mitigate the issue of digital eye strain, and solve the newly-formed habits of the new normal. These habits include continued exposure to the sun, and increased usage of digital devices which emit blue light.

Pricing And Availability

Essilor Malaysia

Customers who purchase Essilor lenses can enjoy a 50% discount* when purchasing a second pair of lenses. The promotion is valid from 1 September till 31 October 2020 at selected Essilor-partnered optical stores nationwide. For more information, please visit Essilor Malaysia official website at:

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