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Edifier X3 TWS Earbuds Review: Tiny But Mighty

Edifier X3

By now, you should know I’m a big fan of audio freedom, and that means no cables at all when it comes to audio enjoyment. The Edifier X3 TWS earbuds caught my attention because of its price and features. Edifier was kind enough to send us a unit for review, we tried it for a week and here’s our thoughts on the Edifier X3.


Edifier X3
ModelEdifier X3
Impedance32 ohms
Driver Unit8mm Dynamic Drivers
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0
Frequency Response20 – 20000Hz
Bluetooth ProtocolaptX, AAC and SBC
Battery60mAh (500mAh total with charging case)
Charging Time120 min
Weight4.8g – Each Earbud
32g – Charging Case
Music Time5 – 6h (Single Charge)
20h (With Charging Case)

What’s in the Box?

Edifier X3 box

When you unbox the Edifier X3 TWS earbuds, you’ll find the following in the box:

  • Edifier X3 TWS earbuds
  • Charging Case
  • Quick Guide + Manuals
  • microUSB charging cable
  • 2 spare pairs of silicone earbuds


Edifier X3

Taking it out from the box, I immediately realised how tiny it is. It is literally a petite sized earbuds, including the charging case. This may be good because it doesn’t take up much space in your bag or handbag, but it might be hard to find because of how small it is.

The charging case has a nice matte texture, which makes it comfortable to touch and hold. The hinge for the lid could have been tighter, because it’s so loose, once you open it, a small shake would close the lid back down. It’s a little frustrating because you would have to be absolutely still to take the earbuds out.

As for the earbuds themselves, they have a low profile design to them. This means they’re thin enough that they won’t jut out too much from your ears. They have the same matte texture as the charging case, and they’re extremely light (4.8g each). That being said, they don’t feel cheap at all.


Edifier X3 earbuds

The Edifier X3 TWS earbuds are really easy to put on and wear. Once it’s in place, no amount of headbang will get it out, and that’s a good thing. I did not need to change the earpiece, but if you have smaller or larger ears, there are spare ones in the box for you to get your right fit.

I’ve worn TWS earbuds that made me feel like I wasn’t wearing them at all. But the Edifier X3’s edges are more prononuced than other curved edge earbuds. Because of that, the edges would rest on my ears and after a while, it does get a little uncomfortable.

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Edifier X3 TWS Earbuds Review: Tiny But Mighty 22

User Experience

Edifier X3 side view

The Edifier X3 TWS earbuds are a pair of really straightforward TWS earbuds. There aren’t any apps for you to pair it with. Just pair it up once with your smartphone in the Bluetooth settings (which was really fast), and you’re good to go. I also appreciate how instant and consistent the connection is. Everytime I picked up the earbuds from the charging case, it automatically turns on and starts pairing the left and right sides. I then hit play and drown myself in my playlist.

There is no wear detection onboard, so when you take the earbuds off, do know that the music will still be playing and won’t be automatically paused.

Good thing is, it does come with touch gestures so you don’t need to fumble with your phone for media controls. That being said, the touch gestures are missing controls for volume level, but you’re already getting most of the controls you’d want. In terms of accuracy, I have no complaints as each touch is registered accurate and immediate.

Single TapPlay/Pause, Answer/End Calls
Double Tap (Left)Previous Track
Double Tap (Right)Next Track
Triple TapVoice Assistant

On top of the earbud housing, there is an LED indicator that will let you know if it’s charging or connected. On the inside, is where the magnetic charging connectors are.

According to Edifier, the X3 does have an IPX5 rating for water and dust protection. So, I tested it out by bringing it for a shower. And what do you know, it still worked fine after all the splashes it got.

Coming with Bluetooth 5.0 and support for the Qualcomm aptX codec, the Edifier really excels when it comes to signal stability and audio response. The audio delays are unnoticeable, and I’ve never heard my music jitter or stutter before.

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Edifier X3 TWS Earbuds Review: Tiny But Mighty 22


Edifier X3

The sound on the Edifier X3 TWS earbuds are commendable. You’re treated to really nice levels of low bass, and crystal clear mids when it comes to vocals. The highs can be a little too bright, cause the treble might get a little messy at high volume.

The Edifier X3 TWS sounds the best when listening to acoustic and pop. It can be used to listen to EDM and hip-hop, but you might want to dial down the volume when you do.

When it comes to the microphone, it has a built-in mic with CVC 8.0 noise reduction technology. In our test, it performed fine but if you’re in a really noisy environment, the person on the other end might not be able to hear you that well.


Edifier X3

The Edifier X3 TWS earbuds each have a 60mAh battery in them that gives about 4 hours 55 minutes of battery life on maximum volume. The charging case has a 500mAh battery that gives it an additional 15 hours of usage, which is pretty sweet considering the price tag of the X3 TWS earbuds. It can definitely last you the entire day.

Charging wise, it took me about 1 hour and 56 minutes to charge the Edifier X3 earbuds back up to full with the microUSB port. Some of you might think that you’d prefer USB Type-C, but does it really matter? You’d be charging them when you’re not using them, and microUSB does the same job, just a little longer. Plus, if Edifier opted for a USB Type-C port, its price tag might be a little higher than what it’s currently priced at.


Edifier X3

The Edifier X3 TWS Earbuds are a great pair of no frills entry-level earbuds. But if there’s ever an X4 model coming, Edifier should include volume controls on the earbuds themselves.

That being said, the X3 still has all the essential features a TWS earbud should have – good sound, stable connection, and touch controls. Priced at RM129, what more can you ask of the Edifier X3 TWS earbuds?

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Edifier X3 TWS Earbuds Review: Tiny But Mighty 22
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Chief Content Developer at The AXO

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