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UPDATE: E3 2020 Has Officially Been Cancelled

E3 2020 Coronavirus cancelled

(UPDATE: E3 2020 has officially been cancelled.)

After several cancellations of some of the most prominent events in the tech industry, E3 2020 is next in line to be cancelled. Geoff Keighley himself has announced that he wouldn’t be part of the event, so it seems likely that the event will not even be happening at all.

Earlier this year, Sony has already announced that it wouldn’t be attending E3, which makes it the second year in a row. The report was first made by Ars Technica, who they claim that their piece of news came from sources familiar with the situation. A report from Bloomberg also stated that event organisers, Entertainment Software Association (ESA) sent out a private memo to partners saying it is “exploring options for an online E3 event this summer.”

E3 2020 Coronavirus cancelled

E3 2020 Likely Cancelled Due To COVID-19

It’s pretty obvious that the memo came out of the concern of the COVID-19 virus outbreak. That being said, it might not be the only reason the organisers are considering cancelling the event. Multiple brands and companies have already announced their departure from the event as well.

Earlier this year, MWC and GDC have already been cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Most companies are already considering moving their launch agendas online via livestream. On the other hand, some have been looking into merely postponing their events altogether.

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UPDATE: E3 2020 Has Officially Been Cancelled 5

All we can do now is wait for an official statement from the ESA regarding the cancellation of E3 2020. It was supposed to be announced yesterday, but for some reason it was postponed –

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