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drake Hollow Game Review: Exploring The hollows

drake Hollow Game Review: Exploring The hollows 7

Drake Hollow is the latest game released by The Molasses Flood, which was the famous for their first game “The Flame in the Flood”. As an indie game, Drake Hollow is packed with quite a lot of content for an indie game. The game packed in survival, base building, RPG and exploration elements all into one.

drake Hollow Game Review: Exploring The hollows 8

At the start of the game, your character will be brought to a dimension called the Hollow. Where you will be able to collect items to build your based and feed your Drakes.

Drake Hollow Drakes

Drakes are these small cute creatures that you can find through out the map and would appear and stay at your base once you meet them. From there, you would need to care from them. Yes, its like having pets to boost your players. You will have to build beds, and farm to provide food for them to sleep and survive. Apart from that, you have to provide them things to be entertained with so that they would not be bored to death (I’m not kidding). The goal of the game is to save their world and them from shadow that has taken over their world/dimension.

Fighting System

Drake Hollow Weapons

Fighting against enemies in Drake Hollow is not as easy at it seems. Apart from looting weapons, the weapons that you use do have a certain durability and limited ammo which would need to be replace or repaired using materials you find around the world.

Base Building

drake Hollow Game Review: Exploring The hollows 9

Building the base is actually quite fun and not easy too! The drakes will wonder and play around the base which is actually relaxing to look at. However, you would need to make sure you provide them enough to stay alive. Playing this game solo does get very hard as you will have limited time to search for materials and to provide for more drakes as you progress. Apart from that, you would have to defend the base from attack every night which the enemy that raids your base increases over time so you would not have time to go looting for days by leaving you bases defenseless as you explore.


drake Hollow Game Review: Exploring The hollows 10

Exploring the map is quite fun as you have to cleanse the island by hitting down the infestation roots that are all over the place. Each island does provide you different loot and does re-spawn over time. However, to cross water to another island, you would need to have aether wards with you so that the water does not hurt you. The wards are consumed every-time you use, so you have to make sure you have enough of it. It gets quite frustrating as you progress further into the game as travel time is quite a big problem. You will get to craft an item that allows you to teleport back to base, just in case you got too far when a raid starts but it is quite expensive to craft.

drake Hollow Game Review: Exploring The hollows 11

The solution to this would be to build way-points which allows you to slide from pole to pole to travel faster, yet again you would have to build quite a number of it to get to the islands that are far from your base as it is at the far end of the map instead of being at the middle.

Drake Hollow Overall Experience

In conclusion, the aesthetics of the game is on point with Unreal Engine’s cartoon design. However, we were hoping the developers could have a fix on the travelling cost issue for solo players.

Drake Hollow is a cute game with a mix of genres and great for co-op gaming session with friends! At the price point of RM 51 the amount of content packed is definitely worth the price and we would recommend this to those whom are looking for a game that offers a new take from your usual survival games.

Happy exploring!

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