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Cooler Master Pi Case 40 Launched As Kickstarter Campaign; Company’s First Premium Raspberry Pi Enclosure

Cooler Master Pi Case 40

After making PC cases for so long, Cooler Master decided to go even smaller, in the form of the Cooler Master Pi Case 40. This is the company’s second kickstarter campaign, which is a premium enclosure for Raspberry Pi systems.

Cooler Master Pi Case 40

Cooler Master Pi Case 40

The Cooler Master Pi Case 40 is a casing for the Raspberry Pi 4 boards. It aims to not just provide added durability to your board, but to also add features too. The case itself is made from a sleek aluminium shell, which is further protected by a high grade TPU bumper.

There isn’t any additional fan, but the system can still run cool and quiet thanks to the aluminium shell. On top of that, the Cooler Master Pi Case 40 also offers direct access to the board’s connector and has a remappable power button too. The connections are all re-routed to the sides, giving it a more streamlined look.

Cooler Master’s 2nd Kickstarter Campaign

Cooler Master Pi Case 40

Cooler Master launched its 2nd Kickstarter campaign with the sole purpose of getting feedback from professionals and hardcore hobbyists to finalize the Cooler Master Pi Case 40’s design together with the community. Users will be able to chime in on what they would want to see in the Pi Case 40.

Starting from the 14th of July to the 18th of August, the campaign will last for 36 days. Backers will have access to many different bundles, including a 25% discount off the case, free US shipping, as well as have the accessories included for free. Those who are keen will also get the chance to join a private brainstorming session with the development to take part in finalizing the Pi Case 40’s design.

Cooler Master Pi Case 40

Once the campaign is over, and all funding goals are met, Cooler Master will then release the Pi Case 40’s design assets for free. These will be completely open source, and will be published on its website, as a tribute to the makers community.

The Cooler Master Pi Case 40’s feature include:

  • Re-programmable Power Button – The case comes included with a power button to easily power on and off the system without having to remove the power source from the Raspberry Pi. The power button is reconfigurable to any other action with a simple change in code.
  • Easy-access I/O Ports – All ports are quickly accessible thanks to a no-interference design. The GPIO ports are rotated 90 degrees and accessible via the side flap in the TPU bumper, allowing for protection when closed and easy access when opened. Display and Camera connectors remain protected within the enclosure, while a slit in the TPU bumper allows both cables to be routed outside the enclosure.
  • Cool-looking, Cooler-Running Aluminum Core – The aluminum core of the Pi 40 serves as a large, passive heatsink to keep the Raspberry Pi running cool and performing at its best without requiring a loud fan. The Pi Case 40 offers an unmatched amount of surface area for its size, allowing higher GPU and CPU frequencies out of the box.
  • Universal Mounting – 4 VESA/wall mounting brackets come included to fix your Raspberry Pi to every surface and monitor.
  • Designed for on-the-go users – The Pi 40’s compact dimensions allow it to be portable, while the aluminum, TPU, and plastic housing keeps it safe from impacts, minor liquid splashes, and light dust.
  • Open Source, versatile design – The Pi Case 40 is designed for a multitude of uses. 

Pricing and Availability

Cooler Master Pi Case 40

The Cooler Master Pi Case 40 will retail for $24.99, which is approximately RM100. To check it out for youself, visit the official Kickstarter page for the Pi Case 40 right here.

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