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Here Are The Winning Designs Of The Cooler Master MM711 Design Challenge

Cooler Master MM711 design challenge winners

The Cooler Master MM711 Design Challenge for COVID-19 relief has come to an end. The challenge aims to raise funds for those impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. Over 300 submissions have been entered, and we finally have our winners.

Cooler Master MM711 Design Challenge

Winner: Retro

Cooler Master MM711 Design Challenge

The winning entry is from Aleksandar Cvorovic, with his design called “Retro”. Having that throwback color scheme reminiscent of mid-90s keyboards. Aleksandar will receive a 1K product prize package for his effort. Also, his design will be produced as a limited-edition MM711 lightweight gaming mouse in which all proceeds will go to a coronavirus relief fund. Congrats, Aleksandar!

Runner-Up: Nukelearis

Cooler Master MM711 Design Challenge

Runner-Up: PPE Edition

Runner-Up: Mossy Mountain

Runner-Up: A Safe Place To Touch

COVID-19 Donation Drive

The second phase of the MM711 Challenge – the donation drive – begins on May 28th via Tiltify. The period serves as a crowdfunding period where everyone is welcome to donate. In return, any donation amount will be entered into a raffle for the winning mouse design. Donors will also receive raffle tickets based on the amount they donated that they can put towards prize pools. If you donate $30 or more, in addition to 30 raffle tickets, you will also receive $30 store credit on Cooler Master’s online store to purchase the mouse for $30 when it is ready to sell towards the end of the year. By using Tiltify and having the community donate straight to Direct Relief, Cooler Master is showing complete transparency on the donation amount as well as immediately soliciting donations instead of waiting to sell the mouse and then having to donate afterwards. 

“It’s a fluid situation right now and we really don’t know what will happen a few months down the line,” “By setting up donations that completely bypass the selling of the mouse and go straight to the charity organization, we’re ensuring that any amount we help collect will be made immediately for COVID-19 relief.”Bryant Nguyen, General Manager for Peripherals

The donation drive is split into two tiers:

  • $20 and Below: Donors in this category will be automatically entered into a raffle to win a copy of the limited-edition mouse design, as well as being able to apply raffle tickets to multiple prize pools. 
  • $30 and above: The donor will receive an individualized store credit code for $30 that can be redeemed at the CM Store when the mouse launches.

Prize Pools

The Limited-Edition MM711 Retro mouse will be available in Q3 2020. Participants of the donation drive can donate $30 to be able to purchase the mouse for $30 instead of at $59.99 MSRP.

If you’re interested in the new color scheme designed by someone from the community and/or you’d like to donate to the charity organization Direct Relief, please visit:

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Here Are The Winning Designs Of The Cooler Master MM711 Design Challenge 23
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