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Cooler Master MH600 Series Gaming Headsets Unleashed In Malaysia From RM229

Cooler Master MH600 Series Gaming Headsets Unleashed In Malaysia From RM229 16

Cooler Master today announced the Cooler Master MH600 Series gaming headset in Malaysia. There are three new products introduced in the lineup to appeal to each type of gamer.

Cooler Master MH600 Series

Cooler Master MH600

The MH600 Series emphasizes high performance and premium sound quality with a core suite of features standard in every model:

  • Swiveling ear cups and fabric mesh cushioning
  • Hassle-free portability with detachable cords and foldable frames
  • Adjustable omnidirectional boom mic
  • Premium sound quality with 50mm neodymium audio drivers

As for the differences, each headset does have its own set of unique features:

Cooler Master MH630

MH650: Leveled-Up Immersion

Cooler Master MH650

The Cooler Master MH650 now has ambient RGB illumination as well as virtual 7.1 surround sound for superior immersion and sound quality. Connectivity wise, gamers will only need to connect a single USB port. This will be great for PC and console gamers, and there is also a USB Type-C adapter included to cater to mobile gamers as well.

MH670: Your Audio, Your Way

Cooler Master MH670

The Cooler Master MH670 has two methods of connection. You can either use the 3.5mm audio jack, or use the 2.4GHz wireless feature. It also features virtual 7.1 surround sound, as well as USB Type-C for wireless mobile gaming.

All gamers want solid performance from their headsets, but we understand that they also have a varied range of needs based on their playstyle and personality,” “The MH600 Series gives gamers two options that cater to their unique preferences, all with solid core features so they don’t have to compromise on quality.Bryant Nguyen, Peripheral General Manager.

Pricing and Availability

Both the MH630 and MH650 are now available in Malaysia, while the MH670 is expected to be available on September 2020.

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Chief Content Developer at The AXO

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