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Blurry Image of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Surfaces

Blurry Image of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Surfaces 3

It seems more and more likely that we will be seeing the new Galaxy Z Fold 2 foldable smartphone during Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Unpacked 2020 event. A new image has apparently been posted by Twitter user “UniverseIce” which contain a blurred view of the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 2. This comes less than a day since we’ve reported on the recent teaser of the foldable smartphone by Samsung.

Could this be the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2?

Judging from the leaked image, it seems that Samsung has increased the size of the ‘front’ display (folded). The ‘main’ display (unfolded) looks to be somewhat similar to the previous Galaxy Fold. Another difference that’s shown in the blurry image is the rear camera design of the Galaxy Z Fold 2—it’s larger compared to its predecessor’s.

Aside from the aforementioned blurry image, there’s not much else that can be said about the Galaxy Z Fold 2, for now. It’s worth noting that this image is merely a leak which isn’t confirmed to be accurate. That being said, Twitter user “UniverseIce” is known for his/her/their leaks, so we’d expect the upcoming smartphone to look pretty similar to the blurry image shown in this article. We’ll just have to wait and see to know for sure.

(Source: [email protected])

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Blurry Image of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Surfaces 4

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