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[AXO N Chill]: An Exciting Tech Week – Week 29,2020

AXO N Chill Week 29

For this week’s AXO N Chill, we have quite two laptops to show you as well as the first smartphone device that comes with a built in Gimble camera system.

Tech Highlights: Videos

Building A PC

Thanks to the guys from PC Byte, Cooler Master and Asus, we had our challenge to build a PC. For a girl with basic knowledge on hardware, it was pretty challenging especially when it comes to making sure the cables are fitted to the right ports. But, we made it! To those who wants to try building a PC, here’s my advice: “Go slow, don’t panic and make sure you got your parts right!”

Here’s the video (B-rolls of RGB parts mou):

Source: The Axo Youtube Channel

Honor MagicBook 14

We also have the Honor MagicBook 14, a quick look for those who are aiming to get one for yourself. Priced at RM 2,499, it is a pretty decent unit for everyday use.

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[AXO N Chill]: An Exciting Tech Week - Week 29,2020 28

Check it out here:

Lenovo Legion 5

Next up, we had the chance to have a look at the Lenovo Legion 5 that just arrived in Malaysia and here’s a quick look at the package we got:

Tech Highlights: News

Vivo X50 Series

The Vivo X50 Series was just introduced to Malaysia just few days ago and we are impressed with the Gimble System Camera. It allows users to take clear photos and videos while in motion, even at night.

For more details:

[AXO N Chill]: An Exciting Tech Week - Week 29,2020 29

Vivo X50 Series Introduced In MalaysiaModeled after a full-size professional Gimbal, X50 Pro’s built in miniature Gimbal module moves in the opposite direction of shaking motions, providing increased stability for the main camera.

Ruark Audio’s High-End Sound Systems

Ruark Audio is a family-owned British audio brand led by Brian O’ Rourke and Alan O’ Rourke, his son. The family has made popular sound systems that comprised of its signature full-bodied warm tones.We were pretty impressed with how much volume and clarity the speakers could output. Tones were warm and smooth, even for its entry level speakers.

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[AXO N Chill]: An Exciting Tech Week - Week 29,2020 28

Here’s our experience on it:

Ruark Audio R3

We Got To Audition Ruark Audio’s High-End Sound Systems; Consider Our Minds BlownWe were invited to be one of the first medias in Malaysia to test Ruark Audio‘s latest range of high-fidelity speakers. Being used to listening to consumer level speakers, our expectations were high and Ruark Audio did not disappoint.

OnePlus Nord

OnePlus Nord has been teasing us with a local Instagram account about its arrival in Malaysia.  The launch dates have finally been announced, which is on the 21st of July 2020. OnePlus also mentioned that the OnePlus Nord focuses on the community’s feedback, and the device will address those feedback to provide the same OnePlus but at a more affordable price segment.

oneplus nord

OnePlus Nord To Launch On 21st July 2020The OnePlus Nord will be launched at 10PM on the 21st of July 2020 and this will be the world’s first AR-based smartphone launch. The device is touted to be 5G ready, and will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor, paired with a 6.55-inch display that has a 90Hz refresh rate.

Xiaomi x Mercedes

During the ecosystem launch Xiaomi announced the collaboration with Mercedes AMG for the new Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2. It is powered by a 300W brushless DC motor. It also comes with a double braking system by utilizing a 120mm ventilated disc brake as well as eABS regenerative anti-lock brake. In terms of speed, it can go up to 25KM/h and can go for a maximum of up to 45KM range. It has the ability to climb 20% incline slopes, and has a 8.5-inch shock-absorbing pneumatic tyres.

Xiaomi x Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Electric Scooter Pro 2

The Electric Scooter Pro 2Bet you never saw Xiaomi x Mercedes-AMG coming. That’s right, Xiaomi also announced two new electric scooters during its ecosystem product launch, but what got our attention was the one scooter that was made with Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team Edition.

AXO N Chill: Games

Ubisoft Forward 2020

If you missed the Ubisoft Forward 2020, here what you need to know:

ubisoft forward far cry 6

Here’s Everything Announced At Ubisoft Forward 2020Ubisoft finally showed Assassin’s Creed Valhalla in its full glory, showcasing gameplay and a November 17th release date. Planned to launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5, PC, and Stadia.

Torchlight 2 is Currently Free

Here’s another free game on epic store. Well, its free! Why not?!

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[AXO N Chill]: An Exciting Tech Week - Week 29,2020 28
Torchlight 2

Torchlight 2 is Currently Free on Epic Games StoreAs expected, this promotion will not last forever. Based on the Epic Games Store page, the offer will end on 23 July 2020 at around 11PM Malaysia time.


Spellbreak is an upcoming battle royale game where you play as mages while fighting other players. The gameplay that was shown by the developers were pretty impressive. The spells and the spell casting system looks fun and we look forward to see more of the game. The game is now on closed beta and will be launched on 1st Jan, 2020.

[AXO N Chill]: An Exciting Tech Week - Week 29,2020 32

Spellbreak Will Be Free To Play Upon LaunchSpellbreak will be playable on Playstation, PC, XBOX and Nintendo Switch. However, no information has been release if we will be able to play across platforms.

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