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Apple AirPods to Receive Optimised Charging Feature


Apple is said to be introducing a new feature alongside its recently announced iOS 14 which may extend the lifespan of the AirPods. According to the Cupertino-based company, its upcoming iOS 14 update will include optimised charging feature for AirPods.

Optimised Charging for AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods feature update

Optimised charging essentially means the device—in this case the AirPods—will be able to ‘learn’ one’s charging patterns and make predictions for when to charge and when to stop. To put it simply, AirPods will now stop charging at 80% automatically, and it will resume charging to 100% based on when the user will likely unplug the device (the charging patterns).

This way, the AirPods’ lithium-ion battery will remain even more efficient as it does not remain at peak charging capacity for a long period of time. Interestingly, this feature isn’t very new. It has been around for a couple of years and most of the notebooks and smartphones we have today do come with this feature. Apple itself added this as a feature for compatible iPhones in its previous iOS 13 update.

Those aside, do check out our previous article if you’re interested to know more about the new features that will come to Apple’s AirPods in the near future.

(Source: AppleInsider)

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Apple AirPods to Receive Optimised Charging Feature 16

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