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Acer Q3 2020 Performance: Acer Powers Through 3rd Quarter With Strong Growth Despite COVID Situation

Andrew Hou,PAP President Acer Q3 2020 Perfromance

Acer today shared Acer Q3 2020 Performance, a couple of insights on how the company has been performing in the third quarter of 2020. Despite the current COVID situation we’re all in, the company has managed to see growth in several markets across the globe, Malaysia included.

Acer Q3 2020 Performance

Acer Q3 2020 Performance
Andrew Hou, PAP President

For the Pan Asia Pacific (PAP) region, the market has seem to recover with Acer’s achieving a 15% revenue year-on-year growth in Q3. That being said, the company expects the PAP region to have even better growth in Q4 2020, driven by large number of orders and strong demand.

With more people working from home, adopting the “work from home” concept, the demand for notebooks have increased. PAP President, Andrew Hou said that the expectation was from PAP’s Q3 performance after the post-lockdown market recovery. Japan has posted a 100% growth, trailed by the Philipines at 94%, Oceanic region at 54%, Malaysia at 23%, Singapore at 17%, and Hong Kong at 15%.

Acer Q3 2020 Performance
President IT Products & James K Lin, General Manager of Notebook Product Business

“If we total up the orders from PAP, we will see very strong performance in Q4 but now, due to the components shortages because of the pandemic, the supply is still not very clear.”

Andrew Hou, President of Acer Pan Asia Pacific Region

Acer has also seen growth in other parts of the market, particularly in the Thin and Light category, Commercial Market segment, Chromebooks, as well as Gaming.

GamingCommercial MarketChromebooksThin And Light
Revenue YoY GrowthRevenue YoY GrowthRevenue YoY GrowthMarket Share
Philippines – 81%Japan – 515%Indonesia – 2601%Indonesia – 35%
Vietnam – 76%Philippines – 125%Japan – 1228%Philippines – 50%
Japan – 36%Oceanic – 111%India – 419%Taiwan – 42%
Indonesia – 34%Hong Kong – 97%Taiwan – 345%Thailand – 36%
Taiwan – 26%Singapore – 74%Singapore – 27%
India – 15%Vietname – 54%

In light of Acer Q3 2020 Performance, the company announced several new and refreshed laptop lineups with Intel’s latest 11th generation processors to meet demands. These thin and light productivity and gaming laptops were introduced at the [email protected] global press conference, along with the introduction of the first home appliance product from Acer’s subsidiary, AcerPure.

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