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Nintendo Switch Sales Thrive Ahead of New Releases

Nintendo Switch Sales Thrive Ahead of New Releases 18

Nintendo Switch sales continue strong in the recent quarter ending June 30th 2019. The gaming powerhouse sold 2.13 million Switch consoles, showcasing a 13% increase in year to year comparison even though there are speculations of new releases from the brand.

The announcement of two new releases: Switch Lite and an updated version of the current Switch with better battery life, addresses issues that gives the Switch the upper hand in boosting sales this holiday season.

Despite the 10% dip in quarterly profits reported last Tuesday, Nintendo expects the Switch to hit a total of 18 million unit sales at financial year ending March 2020. The Switch is currently at 36.9 million units sold since its launch in 2017.

Nintendo Switch Sales Thrive Ahead of New Releases 19

The launch of the Switch Lite will set a new entry-level option, as the 3DS shows dwindling sales of mere 200,000 units sold in the previous quarter, though it’s made a respectable figure to date of over 75 million units sold.

Nintendo fans are highly expecting from the line up of titles for the second half of 2019. With software sales looking up, especially with Super Mario Maker 2 that flew off the shelves with 2.42 million units in 3 days, there’s not much to fret though the below par financial report for this quarter.

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Nintendo Switch Sales Thrive Ahead of New Releases 20

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