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Detach Yourself from your Smartphone with the Light Phone 2

Detach Yourself from your Smartphone with the Light Phone 2 16

If you feel you’ve been too distracted with all the features and content your smartphone is giving you, enter the Light Phone 2. It originally started as a crowdfunding project, but you can now purchase one immediately for a rather hefty price of $350.

The Light Phone 2 is a tiny smartphone measuring at 95.85 x 55.85 x 8.75mm in terms of dimensions. It’s packed with an e-ink, monochrome display. At this point, the phone only does three things – make phone calls, send text messages, and set alarms. The company has said that it will gradually introduce new functions, but its main focus is simplicity.

Light Phone 2

The aim of the Light Phone 2 is to provide the essential features a phone does, and leave out the rest of the clunk. That most probably means that the company won’t be bringing Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram to the Light Phone 2. That being said, it should bring features like Google Maps for navigation, and Uber or Lyft for ridesharing services.

Light also says that the Light Phone 2 will never come with advertising.

The Light Phone 2 might be used in two different scenarios. First, people will most likely use it as a substitute phone. Maybe your main device needs to be repaired or you just want to take a hiatus from being socially connected. Second, users could use it when they’re going for a short trip – hiking, cycling, studying, and etc.

Check out more about the Light Phone 2 here on its crowdfunding launch campaign. To get one for yourself, it’s available for $350.

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Detach Yourself from your Smartphone with the Light Phone 2 19

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